08 January 2010

First Impression: Dance in the Vampire Bund

This is the most awaited anime of Winter 2009 (for me personally) because the promised of carnage or at least bloodfest. I love bloodfest. Bloodfest is yummy ^w^


Oh they tease us so! I was like WTF is going on LOL.

The show started in a studio for a television program called Astra Balance, to approve or disapprove the existence of vampires. During that little skit, a kid from Romania, obviously the bloody protagonist (or known as Her Highness) appeared as well as the Queen of Vampires. The reason? To trap the vampire that have been rampaging around killing up to 7 victims.

I lol'd hard as I shake my head when I saw the true nature of the lowly vampire. A fucking chameleon? WTF?!

I lol'd even more when two girls appeared to protect the Queen of Vampire. OMG a maid? Can't it be more cliche?

But the ending (kinda) make up for the lack of action in the three quarters of the episode. Her Highness revealed who she really is and apparently has her subordinate around for disposal. So her coming on TV is to let the humans know that the vampire will no longer be in hiding and will take some Tokyo's land to build a bund for the vampires.

loli-vampire is NOT attractive

*sigh* I expect some brutal action and bloodfest but there is none of that. She just commanded the Chameleon to die and he exploded. Meh. That's not how action should be done.

The art ain't splendid either. Well at least it does little to impress me.

I am really disappointed. Actually that was an understatement. Looks like I have to rely on Durarara!! and Katanagatari for (hopefully) more quality anime. Sheesh what the fuck is going on with 2009?

But all is not lost. Mina mentioned Kira's name and he's a bishie so at least there is a reason to continue watching Vampire Bund ^^

You better not disappoint

Maybe if I am a lolicon, I might actually enjoyed this? Did I mention that it has jiggling boobs? I dunno man... :(

art 6/10
story 4/10
sound 5/10
character 5/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 5/10


There been alot of hate in your blogs lately? could it be your disliking anime?

the chameleon monster kind of looked like it was some guy dressed in a suit like a bad mascot lol. and those bouncing boobs were anti-gravity.

@cidisevil, of course not! I just now what I like and what I don't like, that is all. I don't like ecchi and so far that are the kind of anime I've seen for winter 2009 hence the dislike.

@TJ, it just so ridiculous.

They always have to put the maid in but I thought it was quite funny especially her weapon of choice ;)

for me this was entertaining and you are so negative , you don't enjoy anything

@Canne, that's what I called cliche :P

@Anonymous, we obviously has different taste in anime

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