26 July 2007

Simpsons the Movie

A classic Simpsons this movie is. I started laughing from the minute the 20th Fox Entertainment gets on the screen till the very end. And I wasn't the only one. You'll see what I mean when you go and watch it (and you must!)

The story begins with Green Day performing on the river. As many other rock stars that visited Springfields, they faced the same fate. At their memorial service, Grampa was sent a doomsday message. Marge figured that the prophecy must have something to do with the pig that was adopted by Homer. The adoption led Bart to feel less loved by his father so he seek to Mr. Flander for substitute. Then Homer did what he was warned not to do by Marge. He pollutes the river when he dumped the pig's shit in there. EPA then came into play. To contained the pollution, the government put a dome on Springfield. Homer loses his job and when the citizen of Springfield mob his house and demanded that his family should all be hang, Maggie found the way out through the sink hole. So they went to Alaska to start a new life. All is well until they learn from the news that the government wants to blow up Springfield. Homer had to come back and save Springfield from destruction since his family was caught by the EPA.

Through it all, Lisa found herself an Irish boyfriend, Bart relationship with Homer went from up to down and up again, Homer loves for his family rekindled while Maggie and her pacifier was inseparables as always.

The movie is filled with laughs all the way through; some slapstick humor for kids and some more grown up humor with some adult themes. Kudos to the producers who had delivered us with an excellent movie after 18 years of the show being on air. Some may criticize the movie and say its too like an extended episode of the show but that can't be help can it? It is kind of obvious as it does have Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart in it as well as the countless other characters from the show, not to mention few other guest artists. I also can see why they were proudly advertise that it is a 2-D movie. If it is a 3-D, I doubt if it will be as good. Somehow I think it will lost it's Simpsonness.

I am definitely recommend this movie. Two thumbs up from me and it is a must watch if you call yourself a Simpson's fan.


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