11 June 2007

Movie mania

It has been a while since my last post. For some reason, only known to me and my closest acquaintance, I disappeared from the face of the earth for a while(figuratively speaking of course). Hehehe, no I didn't go that near to hell on my trip to self discovery.

So the summer blockbusters are in full swing. For three straight weeks I have been very busy catching up to the latest blockbuster releases; Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, Shrek3 and the latest Ocean 13. Busy busy busy!

Meh, you didn't need to know my review. I would definitely be biased. It's Johnny Depp's movie for God' sake! But honestly, even if you are not Depp's fans you couldn't miss this movie for the world! Of course first you have to watch the first two films otherwise it would be a futile attempt. If you haven't catch any of this movie's trilogy series yet, smack your head once because you deserved it.

I tell you now to forget your plan to watch Shrek 3. I barely laugh throughout the movie. The plot was so predictable and the new characters does not bring the same amount of 'umpphhh' that we had seen and love in Shrek 2. Those who said this movie is worth to spend your money on must be scheming on you. Beware!

This is definitely a must watch movie for all Ocean's lover out there. Damon still manage to tickles my funny bones, Clooney and Pitt still gorgeous as ever, the two brothers remains two of my favorite characters and the plot is superb. Although I must say that I enjoyed Ocean's Eleventh the best. There are no Julia Robert or Zeta Jones in this movie but both Clooney and Pitt did talk about them. I wouldn't want to say how the story goes. You just have to watch it yourself to love it.

Upcoming must watch movies that are in my list are: Surf up, Transformers (tangkap leleh bila tengok dia punya trailer. Gila tak sabar dah ni), Die Hard 4.0, Harry Porter, Simpsons and Ratatoullie.


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