28 June 2007


The film was FUCKING AWESOME!!!

It's worth the 20 years of waiting.

Michael Bay does not disappoint.

There are no boring scene in this movie. Not even once. You will be on edge throughout the whole movie. The slow-mo scene makes me wanna weep, every single time. It contain the best SFX in history. AMPAS may as well just hand ILM the Oscar now, as no film will even come close.

I am a proud Megatron/Decepticons fans so I was a tad disappointed that the fighting scene between the Decepticons and Autobots aren't as mega as I hope it to be. Oh well, I guess I just have to watch the movie again and again then to quench my inner hunger for them. Hehe...

I have two favorite moments in the movie. The first one I had already mentions (the slow-mo scene when Bonecrusher and Prime fight). The other one was when the Autobots were trying to hide from Sam's parent. Look forward for these two scenes on your next visit to watch the movie. You'll be in awe.

I would have given it all the stars in the world if you ask me how many rating stars they deserved.

My oh my, go and watch this insanely awesome movie even if you never watch the cartoons before. Easily the movie of the year. Make sure either you booked your ticket first or buy it earlier, otherwise you wouldn't get a ticket.

p/s: They said there would be a sequel. Can't fucking wait!


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