24 April 2010

Countdown 7 Days

Countdown 7 Days is a one-shot from the same mangaka that does Replica, Karakara Kemuri. This one shot tells the story of Mitamura. He is cold, sly damned glasses wearing jerk. One day he met Onigawara Hanasuke who doesn't realized that he was dead. Sixth Sense anyone?

I was not sure whether or not to picked this up until I read this:

That panel made me laugh so considered I'm sold. It's a one-shot anyway and I like Replica so there is no harm on finishing this.

And I am glad that I did because it's surprisingly funny. I enjoy this a lot especially Mitamura's cruel sense of humor XD

Mitamura is actually a teacher at Sheol (that's 'the other world' to us human). He teaches the soul that is to be reincarnated. He was looking for a girl, Shimizu Tsuru, when he met Hanasuke. So he made a deal with Hanasuke that he will revived him if he managed to find that girl, granted that he must do this within 7 days. By the seventh day, the hole under Hanasuke's fit will be big enough for Hanasuke to fall into and go to Sheol.

Of course Mitamura was lying. He cannot revived the dead. This is where it gets a tad more interesting as few other characters were introduced. It also further explained why everyone hates Mitamura and how he find himself in this seemingly meaningless search.

The story is not original. But like digitalboy said, it's all been done before. However the mangaka managed to make things interesting with the way he wrote it and the comedy elements in it. The ending too kinda keep me guessing and a bit unexpected so that's a good thing.

I really like the art. Just like Replica, I really have to give credit to the mangaka. Just take a look at all the bishounen in this one and it should have explained a lot of why I picked this one up in the first place. The mangaka nailed it when it comes to facial expressions because it seems real and look god damn good.

art 9/10
story 7/10
character 8/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10

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