25 September 2007

I've been tagged

This is the first time i've been tagged. Thanks to wan pablo (couldn't wait to read about your trip btw).

So here goes...

5 things in my bag:
- Braun Buffel purse
- Anna Karenina's book that I'm currently reading
- house keys
- toothbrush (you gotta carry this everywhere if you are wearing braces)
- handphones

5 things in my wallet:
- the usual cards
- receipts from my dentist trip
- my dentist appointment card
- an angpau that is yet to be opened (for rainy days)
- few malaysian ringgit (and some sen)

5 favourite things in my favourite room:
that would be my bedroom
- my book collections
- a frame artwork from a friend from Canada (a painting of Gilles Villeneuve's Ferrari car)
- a frame poster of Sauber Petronas car (Nick Heidfeld in C20)
- shrek figurine
- Sauber lion

5 things I would like to do:
- live in Switzerland
- write a book
- have my own bookstore
- marry my first love
- go to all Formula One races

5 things I'm currently doing:
- fasting
- working (atm I'm wearing the admin hat for pitstop although I'm actually at my taska)
- thinking of the baju kurung that is still need to be sewn
- surfing Marina Mahathir's blog to know about Tun Dr M latest health condition
- thinking what to have for breakfast

I would like to tag Zahrin and Julie.


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