27 April 2010

Negaigoto 300000km/s

One of the reason I picked this one up is because it was from the same mangaka, Megumi Kouji, who did Bloody Monday which I read but have to put on hold because life gets too busy for me.

This one is a romantic shounen one-shot, telling the story of two friends who have to part ways because one of them is furthering their study in the city. The manga start with them as a child, making a promise under the full moon. Cliche as fuck.

Meguru is moving away while Taichi wants to quit baseball because things are too busy at the shop (another cliche fact) and be an assistant coach. Yeah, I don't get his logic either but whatever.

Taichi and Meguru has been friends since childhood but keep their feelings for each other a secret until Meguru's last night in that town, and this kiss

Look, I'm not much of a romance fan. My kind of romance deals with blood and knife and badassery but once in a while, to read something mellow like this is pretty nice specially when I need some inspiration for my fanfic. The story is definitely not original but I forgive the mangaka because it wasn't a bad one-shot. It was short and sweet. If it was any longer, I would have dropped it.

art 8/10
story 6/10
character 8/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 7/10


At first I thought this was some kind of sequel to 5 cm/second, which I have yet to see.

My Romance deals with Chemicals (get it?)

D'aww. Well, at least the title's creative enough. It's easy enough to point out cliches, but it sure is hard as hell to avoid them as you're writing yourself...
Fanfic? I am interest :D

What kind of chemical? Something acidic I hope >=D

I couldn't argue with you Ningyo. As a writer I admit that it is hard trying to avoid writing cliche but I sure as hell make sure that I write them as minimal as I can.

You can read my fanfic at fanfiction. I have the link here on my blog ^_^

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