25 April 2010

Angel Beats! episode 4

Yui wants to replace Iwasawa in episode 4 of Angel Beats! Urgh does this mean Iwasawa ain't coming back? Oh man :(

yeah, she definitely looks the part >_>

This week they are illegally participating in a ball tournament so Otonashi and Hinata go around campus looking for a team-mate. Unfortunately the one Hinata has in mind have all joined other teams. So they end up with Yui, Siinachi, Noda and three other yui-nyan's fans.

The game was a total mess with Noda and Otonashi competing with each other. They made the game to turn out like tennis. I definitely had a good laugh.

But the serious shit begins when Angel brought her team in. The other teams were eliminated one by one until only Hinata's team left.

I got a feeling that at the end of this episode, it is Hinata's turn to disappear. His flashback of playing baseball, will eventually fulfilled his desire, just like Iwasawa's and thus, he'll leave the after life. I don't like all these disappearing business because I'm beginning to get attached to the characters :(

Thank goodness though that Yui (for a second I thought Otonashi will do it) stopped Hinata from catching that ball because if he did, he totally going to disappear. It was written all over his face.

I discover that although I don't like the idea of Yui replacing Iwasawa, she's definitely liven up this episode with her rather chaotic antics. I actually enjoyed having her around, especially when she's around Hinata.

Also, the humor for this series is really exceeding my expectation. For example Siinachi balancing the broom with her finger... that was unexpected thus having me rofl. I mean she has the broom balanced on her finger even during the game!

There are other little things too that made me chuckled merrily. Like the facial expression on some of the characters, the evil laugh of Yurippe, the acrobatic acts... stuff like that.

ZOMG look at that bod! *drools*

Also, I am definitely a fan of the ED.


If Otonashi had saved Hinata then it would have been a total bro-mance moment right there. From my perspective it was a good thing Yui did the job.

bromance is good yo :P

Shiinacchi? Is that the name she's picked up?
Anyhow, this episode was good fun. Yeah, the humor was unexpected. So much so that it's worth my next post, I think.
Strange for anyone in Angel Beats to have such a defined sculpt, but Noda IS tanned...

Haven't you seen Noda favorite past time? He practice with his shirt off!

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