22 April 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge: Episode 3

I guess it is a trademark for Arikawa to start their episodes with some deep meaningful words. Can't say that I don't like it though because I do. They hit quite close to home ^^

In episode 18, we discovered that Nino is a sleepwalker. She usually ends up at Kou/Ric's place. Since Nino is the girl everyone wants to end up with, Kou has quite a few enemy. One of them is Hoshi (literally translated as star), voice by Tomokazu Sugita *bows*

Seemingly Kou is getting used with the life under the bridge. He didn't freak out when he saw the Sister anymore. It kinda disappointing in a way but I'm sure there are plenty of other things that he can freak out about. For example,

  • the Sister helped Hoshi to get his hands on Kou after a mass.
  • the Sister helped Hoshi doing a human lie detector on Kou
Episode 19: The misunderstanding that Hoshi has for Kou just keep getting worst. Heh, awesome how they played with words.


In episode 20, the misunderstanding and the jabs just from Hoshi provoked Kou to the point that he will ask Nino out on a date just to pissed Hoshi off. Heh, love rivalry is indeed the best.

So in episode 21, Kou gathered his courage and asked Nino out. He wore a designer suit with pink shirt underneath. He even parted his hair. Man, he looks like a total fag. Kou is determined to show Hoshi what a perfect date is. There is only one problem: his life principle. It's not like he wasn't popular but because he doesn't want to owe anyone, he has never been on a date, and has returned all the chocolates he received on Valentine's Day. His knowledge about date is limited to what he read the previous night: shoujo mangas.

But of course he was rejected.

Kou was not about to give up though. In episode 22, he tried everything to make Nino agreed to go out on a date with him. His plan for the date is over the top to say the least. Nino was only impressed with his drawing and he got rejected once again. LOL

It wasn't because Nino doesn't want to but she can't leave the river bank. As a Venusian she has to take into account the gravity and magnetism factors. This was explained in episode 23. So they ended up going to the river mouth for their first date. I guess it was a perfect date after all, whats with Nino's beautiful dress and all that.

The date also made Kou wanted to know more about Nino. Their relationship is definitely blossoming.

However, episode 24 is totally unrelated to the episode, some kind of a joking contest. And apparently the Kappa mayor is a handsome young man.

But back to Hoshi...

Oh man, every time I heard Sugita's voice, there is only one character that established itself in my mind and that is Gintoki. I can't break that wall, not that I want to, but yeah, it automatically made the character so much awesome >9000!

And he's not the only Gintama seiyuu in Arakawa. I found out that Koyasu Takehito is the seiyuu for Sister. Who is he? He's Shinsuke Takasugi =3


I keep thinking that the person behind Hoshi's mask is either Kyon or Gintoki :X Imagine Hoshi taking off his mask and it's the White Devil!

Hah, glad that I'm not the only one who think of the possibility ^_____^

They should throw a Gintama parody in one episode. Something subtle.

That would make me jizz in my pantsu ^__^

In addition, Kappa mayor is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara (stupid ninja in Gintama) and you will hear Fumihiko Tachiki (Madao in Gintama) voice in the future episode...


*needs to fap!*

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