21 April 2010

Bleach: Episode 267

Until the fights move to the real world, I'll be totally pissed with every upcoming episodes because I know what to expect, especially from Whore-Hime. Jeez, if I need a reason to skip all the upcoming episodes, it is because of her. She fucking pissed me off with her over-the-top damsel in distress attitude. Fucking whore.

Let the fucking chanting begin.

I'm so gonna count how many times she will chant Ichigo's name, which will pissed me off even more. But I'm gonna count it to prove my point why she is fucking useless. It needs to be done.

Thankfully they switch to the others' fight. I kinda feel like its a filler because I don't remember Renji or Sado having to fight all those hollows. But a filler is so much better than having to see the whore with her usual distress fucking useless face. At least these two provided some comic relief.

I have miss Rukia. I sigh in relieve when the episode switches back to her fight. That is one of the reason why I find this arc so boring. We need to see more Rukia. Oh well, the appearance of Ulquiorra kinda make up for it though.

Back to where Whore-Hime and Rukia's concern for Ichigo. These two women is so much different. When the whore chanting for Ichigo, that because she doesn't have the confident that Ichigo can defeat Ulquiorra, and afraid that he'll get killed. Rukia on the other hand knows what Ichigo is capable of. She has full confident that even if wounded, Ichigo will not get killed. She only worries if Ichigo will lost that confident which will allow Ulquiorra to have the upper hand.

Just look at the situation for example. Rukia won't ever going to stand still while Ichigo get his ass kicked. Even though she knows it would be fruitless, she would still trying to help Ichigo anyway she can, even if she injured herself. The whore on the other hand, just stand there like a fucking useless doll while looking so fucking worried. I mean, she has the power goddammit. She can reject the attacks! She can do something about it since the BEGINNING! Sheesh!

Anyway, back to Ulquiorra and Ichigo's fight, they are pretty much equal now, which pissed me off because Ichigo hasn't even used his Vaizard's mask yet. Power up shit, that's what this is.

I would like to believe that he has become more human. Ichigo and hollow was meh. Ulquiorra and emotions though... now that's awesome.

Also, I like to point out that these two are fucking smex!


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i wish they would just show then entire ichigo fight instead of showing that nonsense with chad and the hollows for 3/4 of the ep. that stuff bores me when we could be watching ICHIGO FIGHTING ULQUIORRA.

also you prolly wouldnt be soo pissed at the fight, if they just got into the nastyness, instead of showing big boob girl and her dumb ways

ah but did you forget how it was in the manga. She's annoying as fuck in the manga too. *shudders angrily* those were the dark days...

Hahaha, here we go. The comic relief with Chad and Renji was nice, but in EVERY single filler-fight and in EVERY single movie, the animators only give Renji a four-step strategy.

Step 1: Bankai.

Step 2: Fire the Cannon.

Step 3: If enemy is still standing, repeat step 2, if enemy has fallen proceed to step 4.

Step 4: If enemy is no longer standing, you are victorious!

Ughhh... lol at Inoue and semi-shirtless Ulquiorra.

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