25 April 2010

Heroman: Episode 4

I dunno why am I always feel the need to do an episodic review on series that I don't enjoy but yeah here I am having Heroman for breakfast on a Sunday morning.

I dunno why America hasn't think of this yet. They should just get a few trucks containing aerosol and blast it to the roaches. No matter how you look at it, they are just a giant cockroaches.

As Joey, his grandma and Psy went to the shelter, Will managed to get inside the stronghold of the Skrugg. Failed. I mean, weren't the Skrugg supposed to be technology enhance? Surely they have a surveillance camera or shit like that inside that shit. Or at least a more alert troop. Will and the fat midget weren't exactly quiet, were they? *shakes my head*

The face of a moron

Will plan is to get a hold of their weapon and blast them with it. Some kinda like "letting them taste their own shitty medicine". I got a feeling that the Skrugg will actually used him to their own advantage though.

Meanwhile Professor Denton is already back at his van, being the asshole that he is, all dramatic and shit. I want to smack the back of his head with a wooden bat. As they busy talking, the Skrugg released a giant sphere to erase the town to the ground. Wow... I thought they are going to nuke the city and that's all they did? Release a big hard sphere and let it bowl everything on its way? -__-

LOL but of course it's not only a sphere. It some kind of an AI shit. Oh man, this is just getting so fucking ridiculous.

Heroman has all sorts of difficulties to stop the unstoppable sphere. He broke both of his hands trying to stop it. The emo Joey of course being overly dramatic about it so as expected, we got to see another new feature for Heroman: Augmento! Yeah, don't ask me how Joey came up with all these cliche shit. So what did Augmento do? It makes Heroman larger with that super sayan hairstyle from the last episode >_>

Heroman still couldn't stopped the sphere but at least he managed to delay the shit after everyone has evacuate. Can robot feel tired though? I don't think it can.

And where are the army?



Will is just so incredibly stupid that the Skruggs would have done everyone a service by killing him.


so true.

and I hate the fact that Stan Lee keep on making few cameos in the episode. I mean, jeez, get over yourself already. This series is made of shit anyway.

I am actually making this Anime a family event. It is fun for my son to watch and my wife doesn't seem to mind.

@kluxorious - now you know why he is called Stan "the Man" Lee - ACK!

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