22 April 2010

Bleach: Chapter 401

Okay, if the Hougyoku has a will on its own, why wasn't it has any effect on Rukia? Or did it? Hmm....

Holy fuck? O_o

I... am speechless...

and just when I have words to say about Aizen transforming, I was once again rendered speechless by the appearance of Urahara Kisuke.


ZOMGWTFBBQ!! *does a jig*

I think I went my pantsu ^^

edit: The appearance of Urahara negates all the other negative reactions that I have for this chapter. I think I was relieved than anything else. I have said in the beginning that either Shinji and/or Urahara can defeat Aizen. Most likely Urahara though because the way I see it their level of IQ are on par. That ought to mean something.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Urahara's appearance = Good
Aizen's stupid speech = ... *shakes head*

Urahara showing up is so awesome. I've been waiting to see him in action since soul society arc. I just can't wait to see his bankai.

Urahara is so full of smex :3

Yes, finaly Urahara is here. I was looking forward his coming to the scene. I am sure, that he has some awesome tricks to kick ass Aizen or to seriously injure him. He had for research almost 100 years :-)
And also I hope Yoruichi will appear here... those two are my favourite characters :-)

Can't say that the research would do any good if he can't figure out the true power of the Hogyouku. Urahara only believes that it mesh the shinigami and hollow power and that's what the power of the Hogyouku limited to.

But then again, he is the one who create the Hogyouku so I won't underestimate him at all.

Knowing Aizen, he'll do just that though ^^"

Yes, 100 years ago, Urahara believed in this, but now I think, he figured out that the Hogyouku created Inoue´s and Sado´s power. Like a scientist he had to looking for reasonable explanation of theirs powers.
My secret tip is that he created now new Hogyouku and he will give it to Ichigo. But who knows... I am looking forward to next chapter :-)

this is turning out to be awesome.... the entire series is being explained here and its so intriguing.

what happens in these next 2 chapters might be enough for me to forgive kubo for not letting a single good guy die... maybe not tho.. we'll see.

great chapter tho

I may be interpreting something wrong, but Aizen couold possibly be a closet Ichiruki shipper with all of his meddling and voyeurism into both of their lives... -_- ...I'm happy that Aizen essentially rescinded his comment about the vizards being failed experiments and that he implied that Shinji a worthy opponent.

Hmmm... The true nature of the Hogyouku is essentially a super-uprgraded version of Orihime's power... It has the power to give whoever is around it their deepest desires, sorta like a generic wish-giver... >_>

The whole premise makes sense though, Rukia felt overpowering guilt over ending Kaien Shiba's life with her zanpakuto, so she lost all her powers as a result. Chad and Inoue both felt useless as Ichigo's nakama, esp. Chad, because he had that promise to watch Ichigo's back, and thus he got hollow-ish powers, and Inoue became mini-hogyouku. <_<

Urahara truly wanted to help the Vizards during the pendulum arc, and though on the surface he presented his theory as using the Hogyouku to erase their hollowfication, his greatest desire was aid them through seeing his own success as a scientist realized by successfully breaking the shinigami-hollow boundary, so the hogyouku cemented the hybridization, and generated the Vizards' own desire for the power necessary to take vengeance on Aizen by giving them the ability to evolve. ^_^

Now it looks like Aizen is either going to turn himself into whatever "god"-thing Kubo has invented, or perhaps materialize the King's key, though that may be somewhat of a stretch. Because Urahara has finally arrived, Aizen's newly upgraded ability to godmod may be negated. O_O

Yeah you have a point there mcdvojka. Who says he can't replicate the Hogyouku right? I wouldn't put it pass Urahara. Or maybe he create something new to negate the Hogyouku power? Heh that would be awesome.

People are bored with Aizen's word diarrhea but in this chapter I think it was necessary. It wasn't just any information, it's the VERY REASON that Bleach existed. I mean, Aizen choreographed the whole shit, didn't he? Maybe he even manipulate Kubo. Who knows... So I have to agree with you oballer. This is indeed a great chapter. So Kubo still has it...?

When Aizen said that he sent Rukia to Ichigo, I have the same exact thought about Aizen being an IchiRuki shipper, Darwin. I mean, he can sent anyone but he chose Rukia, didn't he? But it also put a damper on my mood. It's like he's implying that the relationship these two have is the result of the Hogyouku's will, not of their own. That obviously does not sits well with me.

I couldn't see the whore power as something similar to Hogyouku though. You're the first to bring this up. Hmm...

Speaking of her power, what exactly the reason that Aizen took her to HM? Just for decoration?

Aizen said that the Hogyouku has a will of its own. Who says that it won't take over Aizen's mind and act on its own? So that Aizen, all these while, was only a tool for its plan? XD

what if Urahara reveals that he has been manipulating Aizen this whole time?? what a mind fuck that would be! haha

well either way i think next chapter is gonna be sick

That actually would be awesome and he has a valid point to be the bad guy after the way they treated him.

Too bad that we ain't gonna get an update next week.

Aizen took the good-for-nothin' boobgal to Hueco Mundo so that it could get the Karakura Ghostbusters and thus half of the captains out of the way. Y'know, the ones he was actually worried about. Think about it: dream team of Byakuya, Kenpachi, Mayuri, and Unohana? TOTAL ANNIHILATION! NO GAMES, JUST GAME OVER!
Whatever, it's not what's happening and what is is that we might finally see what is Urahara's bankai! Ultimate crimson princess huh?

Good idea. Urahara bad guy... wow, it would be realy interesting...

@VIP, too bad the Soul Society is stupid enough to fall for the trap >_>

as a big ichiruki fan i agree that aizen sent rukia to ichigos side but their relationship is their own bond.... i dont think aizen has predicted that rukia will give her power to ichigo.... im sure aizen knows rukia will help ichigo but im sure she caught him off guard when she give him her powers....
my crack theory is that aizen cant be the hogyoukus true master ..... it might be rukia ... loooooooooooool
and so rukia is the reason why inoue and chad has power but why one f inoues fairy said it was because of ichigo *confuse*.. lol

Nope, ichigo sent her because he knew of the guilt she carried and knew exactly that she'll give him her power. He predicted it all. They are nothing but the chess pawn.

Inoue and Chad have the power that they have now because of the influence of the Hogyouku. Because they felt like they were powerless looking at Ichigo fighting alone that they inherit the powers. They will it to happen.

That's what the Hogyouku does.

I wouldn't know about *plot* speculation, but I do feel that Kubo's hyped up everything else in the fight with Aizen so much that Urahara's appearance is actually a pleasant surprise now - whereas this was really inevitable, and when I think about it, should probably have been before Isshin arrived. Doesn't that make more dramatic sense, if we're going for that, since Isshin as a shinigami fighting Aizen was something much more anticipated? Well, all I'm saying is that I totally forgot about Urahara up until now >.>

Whoa... how can you forget about Urahara? I have been waiting for his come back ever since they war start.

What should not been done is the earlier entry of the Vaizards. I mean, surely you too was hoping that the Vaizards will kick ass, right? However, what we got is total shit. They are the combination of shinigami and hollow dammit. They should have been more powerful than the average captain. Shinji should be able to kick some serious ass!

Gah! I am mad whenever I think Kubo fucked up the Vaizards' potential.

But yeah back to Urahara, he's one of the coolest character in Bleach, as well as mysterious. He appeared in in the early days of Bleach, then we got to know his story a bit through Turn Back the Pendulum Arc but there are tons of other stuff that remains uncovered.

I hope with his appearance now, we will get some answers.

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