29 April 2010

Bleach: Episode 268

I feel like I should stop watching the anime for the time being. It just not worth it is I only get pissed every time I watch it. I blame it on Inoue.


But lets forget about the useless bitch. I'm gonna pretend that she doesn't exist for now. I'm not even going to bother about those two arrancars raping her. She deserved it anyway. Besides she can fend for herself but chose not to. Why? Because she wants Ichigo to save her, this cunning whore, even if Ichigo risked his life. I have no clue why anyone can stand her stupidity. Jeez. I want to kill her so fucking badly.

Oh fuck did she just healed the two bitches? Hell no! *headdesks*

*takes a deep breath*

What a stupid whore.

I mean, just take a look at Rukia. She was surrounded by the skull army one after the other. Did she complain? Did she called for someone to help her? NO.

Lets talk about what is really important: the fight between Ulquiorra and Ichigo. It was nice to see Ichigo using Getsuga Tensho in another fashion instead of just firing it away towards his enemy. This time he wrapped it around his blade so that his attack weight with a lot more force. Of course it has little to no effect on Ulquiorra.

And then Yammy appeared and took care of Menoly and Loly. I wished he would have crushed the whore too.

If I don't love Ishida before, I sure love him now. He's the knight in a shining armor for the whore. Too bad the whore has no brain to process the obvious information.

And that's it for episode 268. And I did not forget my words: Count down on Kurosaki-kun for this chapter: 3 + the previous chapter (1) = 4

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