20 April 2010

First Impression: Rainbow

This is one of the anime that I wanted to watch after reading the synopsis. The story of Rainbow took place 55 years ago in 1955. It was about seven young criminals of that time and how they were treated while in detention.

In my opinion, the time might be different but the same thing still happened today, how these criminals/juveniles are being mistreated.

For once, the explicit contents of this show is what give it so much character. The violence made me cringed and shuddered in disgust because this reminds me a lot like Sleepers, one of the best book/movie I have ever read/saw. Rainbow definitely has the same platform for a story.

I immediately feels empathy for these juvi characters. As if its not enough they were being abused physically, they also needed to worry about being raped. These treatments were intentional, to break their wills and hopes. That's fucking cruel. If I feel like I want to fucking kill the guards in Sleepers, well, I feel like I want to fucking kill the guards in Rainbow but slowly and painfully. I want them to fucking suffer. A bullet to the head will not do justice. I will roasted their dicks as it is still attached to their balls, then cut it oh so fucking slowly, and fucking stuff it in their mouth. Oh I'll make them chew the damn thing until they died of blood lost! I'll do the same for the pedo fucking doctor. Son of a bitch!

The characters:

Minakami Mario was arrested after he assaulted a teacher who tried to violate a fellow female student.

Tohyama Todayoshi assaulted his mother's boyfriend.

Maeda Noboru was detained for theft, con, dine-and-ditch and other crimes

Yokosuka Jou was detained for violence and improper intergender relationship (remember that this is in the 1955)

Matsu'ura Mansaku was detained for violence and underage drinking

Nomoto Ryuji was detained for con, usurpation and theft

Lucky for them, they were put in a cell with Sakuragi Rokurouta. He's the protagonist, the Brad Pitt in Sleepers. I don't feel like screencap him. Not today anyway.

They do not sugarcoating any shit. Rainbow is definitely the most dark anime of the season. Something that people are not used to and some won't even bother to check this out. However since I'm a fan of something like this, I think it is awesome.

art & animation 6/10
story 9/10
characters 8/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 8/10
overall 8/10


I agree, there are some similarities with the Sleepers (I saw only movie, the book I don´t know), but I think, this anime will be much more darker and sad.

I was looking forward Rainbow and the first two episodes even surpassed my expectation. I hope this will be best anime of the season for me.

It definitely has potential. Dark anime like this reserves some recognition

Maybe I should drop K-ON!! and Working! for this one...if only there were some cake and colorful food in Rainbow, my decision would be easier.
(yes, I am attacking K-ON!! for no particular reason -_-)

Cake is awesome.
Rainbow most GAR show of the season.
We need more shows like this ,an Worst anime is my dream.

Chocolate cake is yum.

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