14 August 2009


I have a habit of downloading all the anime of the season. Then I'll check them out. I'll watch the good one that I thought have potential immediately. I put the average one on hold while the shit one... well, directly to the bin.

Needless definitely one of the most shittiest anime I've ever encountered. The WTF-ness of this series is well... FUCKED.

(Please take note that this review is based on the first episode only. I just can't continue watching the rest of this shit.)

The story is about a kid named Cruz or Yamada or who-the-fuck-cares, a crazy ass chick who supposedly to be the relief comedy of the series yet phailed miserably, and a priest who oh-tried-so-hard-to-be-effing-cool because he so wants to be the incarnation on Kamina-sama but OH-FUCKING-WHY did he thinks he's capable of such feat?! These three travel around saving the Needless. Needless is the survivors of the Blackspots who obtained powers or some shit like that. Whatever right? Right.

It was all irrelevant because you don't know what the fuck you are watching anyway. You just stare at the screen and get yourself brainwashed. Not good. Definitely not good. It was 12 minutes of torture trying to get through the bad humor before you get mentally scarred with the appearance of a bad guy who surprise-surprise! exactly like Viral. Yes, another reference to Tengen Toppen Gurran Lagann (TTGL). PHAILED incarnation.

As for the art. It hurts my eyes. They want to do something similar to TTGL but the immitation is far too inferior. I hate it.

The characters are so unoriginal like I have mentioned before. So lets not even go there.

OMG... here comes the best part. Or the worst. The ED vid. I mean WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? It has nothing to do with the story at all. Yuri? Really? WHY? HOW? JUST WHAT THE FUCK?!! fanservice or fuckservice? You tell me.

Conclusion: Stay the fuck away from this shit unless you are willing to get your mind raped (not the good kind of rape either).


O.O Hated it that much huh? It's not that bad. Quite comical. *ducking the wtf is wrong with this bytch glare* [LOL] :o) Give it another shot. K? *running away now.*

i can't stand bad humor and the reference to TTGL killed this permanently for me.

You don't like TTGL?

I love Kamina-sama. The show ain't the same without him T___T

i was pissed with Needless because it tried to immitate TTGL. That's unforgiven.

This better be heavy on yuri, otherwise it's horribly misleading.

This is my first post here. I have subscribed. Yay.


and yet nothing in the story indicates that it is yuri (at least none in the first episode). Retarded ED for retarded series.

and yay! another subscriber!

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