26 August 2009

Bleach: Episode 234

(This is going to be chronologically fucked as always ^__^)

aight can someone tell me who is that guy that talk to Shunsui. Is he from the 8th Squad or something? I know he's not from the Kido corps since they are all emo in black.

awww man they didn't show Unohana get tentacle raped by Mayuri? Damn! I was looking forward to that. I lol'd when others are quickly to sweatdrop when they heard of physical examination by Mayuri. I love that eccentric guy *chuckles*

I'm not a Hisagi fan but is a fan of his Kazeshini, especially his badass attitude. Their fight is freaking amazing. I think I wet my pants a little ^__^. I am quite surprise by the quality of the fight. So much better than last week Zangetsu/Ichigo face off.

Renji's reaction to Zabimaru is priceless. Gotta love the clueless Renji sometimes. and WTF I thought Zabimaru was female with that boobs hanging out and all. Jeebus no wonder his bankai sucks O_o


I see Muramasa going for Ichigo's hollow since last episode. I feel sorry for Ichigo being tortured like that. but I don't care much for his pain when I saw Hollow Ichigo emerge! fucking w00t!! My gut tells me that Muramasa is in for a surprise though. And guess what? I am fucking right! buahahahaha gotta love the sexy beast =3

this is the smirk I'm talking about! Gah why can't Toynami/SDCC get it right v__v

Highlight of the episode must be the Renji/Zabimaru encounter purely for its LOL factor.

Zabimaru snake: Who are you calling a perv, Chimpette!


the omake is made of shit though -__-"


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