29 August 2009

Colored pages manga!

Courtesy of Razz, I was introduced to this awesomeness and feels like I have to share the awesomesauce with everyone @_@

These bunch of people are amazing. The fact that they are up-to-date with the manga and used Max7 (for Bleach) and Binktopia (for Naruto) scanlation instead of Sleepyfans' pretty much says it all.

I'm going to take the colored pages from one of my favorite episodes: the vaizards showing the shinigami how to do it the right way >=D


Holy fucking shit, I'm going to have to start reading Bleach just for this now

You bloody well should *nods*.

you could check out Manga Colors too but I hate them coz they are treating bleach like it's their bastard son. They only do selective chapter on Bleach.

Grr... what's so great about Naruto anyway? >=(

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