27 August 2009

It's finally coming

September is approaching which mean the DVD release for the most anticipated movie of the year (for me anyway) Bleach: Fade to Black will be on sale soon (September 30th according to one source). Say yowzaaa!! *dance*

Those who know me well would probably have guessed the reason why I am so uber excited to see this movie. The thought of watching a movie made for Ichigo and Rukia is just so.... FREAKING FUCKING AWESOME! *squirts*squirts*

Have you seen the poster that came with the DVD? Well, now you have and behold the pantiless Rukia and her outlining breasts! errr I mean the awesomesauce of IchiRuki! @_@

Oh man, I'm so freaking gay for Rukia =3

Maybe after watching this movie, we could finally conclude whether or not Rukia is wearing any panties. Yeah you know what I'm talking about right? Look at this spread that Kubo made and feast your eyes on pantiless Rukia @_@

Fanservice ahoy! FTW!!

Ah, my IchRuki sense is tingling all over. I might need to prepare a couple of changing pants if this continues, which it will after I watch this trailer over and over again.

To commemorate the release of the DVD, I'll be watching the first two movies again and who knows maybe write a review about it if my nerdgasm takes over.

Trivia: did you know that this week marked the 8th anniversary of Bleach the manga? EIGHT FUCKING YEARS. Can you fucking believe it? How far have we come since Rukia first stepped into Ichigo's room?

I have since then got my degree and been phailing love a couple of times. My love for Bleach remains to be my only feelings that are solid. Thank you Bleach and thank you, Kubo.


Hmm.. Something just occured to me.

What do you think of Kon? :p

Everybodys gay for Rukia. EVERYBODY.

@blur: I think Kon is like any other average perverted male who got a b0nar from tits and puss but with enough humor not to get himself beaten to death XP

@Snark: everybody should *nods wisely*

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