19 August 2009

Bleach: Zanpaktou fillers

yeah yeah yeah I know it's a filler but goddammit, it is one of the best fillers I had ever seen. Yeah you heard me right. I got excited by a filler. Shoot me, and everyone else who seems to agree with me, because unlike the bounto filler or the Am-A-Gay filler, this one is actually pretty awesome.

If you are not excited by the sheer fact that the zanpaktous have manifested themselves into a human-like form, then you are fucking lying.

But that's not the only reason that got me excited. Besides the fact that I have a raging b0nar for Rukia, it has some good IchiRuki moments too (Fuck you IchiHime, I know it's not canon but hey, who give a fuck, this is my blog and I write what I fucking want so please sit in the corner and suck my detached pen0r).

Now, lets enjoy the show, shall we?

Episode 233:

It was interesting to see Muramasa freed Zangetsu. Wonder how he convinced the other zanpaktou since they clearly follow him way before he attacked Seiretei, and without the knowledge of the shinigamis. Oh and even when Zangetsu materialized, his zanpaktou remained in his shikai form. So I guess that explained Rukia's attempt to call out her shikai in the last episode.

Mayuri is made of pure win. Man of pure genius. I definitely looking forward to see him tentacle rape Unohana. Bhuahahahaha XD

... I should have known. Hollow power FTW. Double FTW for the WTF-ness. *chuckles*

How convenient was it when he said he wouldn't let the hollow take control of his body when it already help him kicked Zangetsu's old buttock? LOL similar thing happened with my RP character as well. kukukuku the irony.

ps: as you can see I write this as I watch the episode so it's chronologically fucked. XD

Ichigo: I'll grow a garden for you.



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