14 April 2010

First Impression: Giant Killing

I remember that this anime is about football, or soccer as the American would called it because they suck. I have a slight reservation about this anime. I love football and is a fan of Chelsea and when it comes to World Cup, it is Germany all the way. I am afraid if they are going to butcher this with over the top shit. That would ruin the shit imo.

Stupid conversation is stupid *facepalm*

The anime started off with an FA Cup match and Giant Killing is a named they gave to the protagonist. He is a very popular son of a bitch.

this guy here apparently is a genius

Tatsumi is a talented player. He was the proud son of the town and of the football team but when he got an offer from the English team, he accepted it and the people of the town dubbed him a betrayer. What a stupid mindset.

So he came back to revive his old team. Tatsumi will of course has to convince the town to accept him as the manager of ETU. And thus the plot is as clear as a sunny day. But that's what they want you to think. It has it own twists and what not to keep this interesting. Honestly said, I can't wait to see the next episode.

This is one of the reason why I like sports anime.

Kudos to the animation team. They did a pretty good job. I imagined it was not an easy job to make the animation during the match to go so smoothly and at the same time realistically. But when it comes to other stuff, they kinda average. I guess they spend all their time on the game that they neglect the other scenes. Or rather they are doing this intentionally. I mean, I have never seen anime with these kind of character designs yet. So in a way it is unique. Am I a fan? Not yet but who knows what the future might change.

Just look at the skin color and compared it to Tatsumi a.k.a the Giant Killing. This old fuck looks like he should be seven feet under. Also, WTF is up with that nose? The edge of that nose can kill for fuck sake. Lets just hope he didn't headbutt anyone. Lets not even talk about the G.I. Joe haircut...

This anime couldn't come at a better time imo. I understand if this will be a hit in Japan. They are part of the world cup phenomenon so yeah, just something to fuel in the spirit for the upcoming World Cup. Germany FTW!!

art & animation 8/10
story 8/10
characters 8/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10


Rofl'd so hard at the nose. Actually, they've all got noses they could spear people on...
I forgot about that silly conversation in English - GK did well enough with its good parts to make me forget.
I really liked the OP, too.

Yep, after watching the 2nd episode, I'm officially on board the fanboat.

America makes no sense:

-Football over here is a game where players mainly use their hands.

-We all drive on the wrong side of the road.

-We decided we were to good for the metric system (which is a system that is easy and is used by everyone on Earth), so we had to make some complicated system that sucks (I don't know if America actually made this system up).

-Apparently there's some holiday, which was CREATED BY AMERICANS, where nobody works. Everywhere on Earth, nobody works on this day....EXCEPT AMERICANS. WHAT THE FUCK!?

I pretty much have always disliked my country, but at least we can do things like make fun of the President and not get shot....If we legalized marijuana I'd like it more.

Anyway, on to this anime. It has football, (which I love to play and I enjoy Everton, even though they're not that great), so I may, at some point, check this anime out.

Everton is cool. I can dig that.

And what holiday is it? =\

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