06 April 2010

First impression: Heroman

I don't remember anything about the synopsis of Heroman from the Spring anime list and is actually too tired from the trip for anything else but when Snark said that he gave Heroman the seal of approval, that is all the reason I need to watch this one.

I like it instantly when I saw that the anime is set up in the USA. I am kinda tired with anime that took place in Japan and no where else. Not that it has anything wrong with it but the different is kinda refreshing. But then again, most of mecha's anime are set up outside of Japan, aren't they? Like Gundam 00 for example.

And I found it funny when characters that have western name speak in Japanese. So just like that it's pretty entertaining.

fuck. he looks like a girl. Sounds like one too!

Joey is the seemingly very weak protagonist who has the hippest grandma ever. He's friend with the coolest character of the series so far, Psy. See? That name is so fucking cool right? I'll name one of my son Psy. Just you wait and see... Yeah, fuck. I pretty much told the world about my fetish, didn't I? >_>


Anyway, Joey likes robot but can't afford one. One day one of the bully's Heybo got smashed by a car. He obviously threw Heybo away and as expected Joey picked and patched Heybo up and named him Heroman.

In the mean time, one of Joey's teacher, Mr. Denton has successfully making contact with extra terrestrial life who happened to be a giant cockroach that will invade the earth in the next episode. During their arrival, there was a storm and Heroman was struck by lightning. One thing led to another and before I know it, Joey has this device on his hand that can control Heroman who have grown like 9 feet in just few seconds.

Stupid Denton calling out for giant bugs

It just so happened that at the same time, Lina, the soon-to-be Joey's girlfriend was involved in an accident. Of course Heroman and Joey will save her and her dad. What bothers me though is that Joey or Heroman has no inclination what-so-ever to save the other people that involved in that accident. Can you really called them Hero, then?

After 24 minutes, I re-read what I wrote about the upcoming Spring anime. I wrote this:
Heroman kinda reminds me of X'amd. Get this though. It's another collaboration. This time of Stan Lee and Bones. I already liked Stan Lee's collaboration with Hirayuki Takei in Ultimo. So this hopefully is something very promising for my taste. Besides, X'amd is cool.
I forgot that Stan Lee has his hand in this. So it explained the USA thingy. And I was right. This one definitely deserved Snark Seal of Approval. Go on ahead. Click the link. He writes better first impression than me. You'll be thoroughly entertained ^_^

art/animation 8/10
story 7/10
character 7/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 8/10
overall 7/10


Just like I did Heroman, I give this review my Seal of Approval.

The animation was the best part of the show. The other stuff remains to be seen, although I found Joey's voice a bit annoying.

Haha Psy is quite the character. Even the bullies are afraid of him even though he's on crutches.

Psy reminds me of Spike from Cowboy Bebop. Maybe that's why I think he's cool >_>

Nifty. In America! ^0^
Psy huh? Sorry but this was the Psy I grew up with, some dude who ran a webcomics page of greatness back in the day:
alternatively, this Psy too:
I might have to look into it if you have more good things to say...problem is, you didn't include a picture of the giant robot-Heroman...is it as impressive as Gurren Lagann? ^0^

I didn't put up the picture of Heroman because it's more like a human than a robot and I feel like you have to watch it yourself. I don't want to spoil that part.

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