09 April 2010

First Impression: Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

I checked my Spring anime list and found that this one is not included in chartfag's list. Fortunately I have two different version and found the synopsis for Ichiban.

I am not thrill with what has been written but I'm gonna judge it only after I have seen the pilot episode. However the ecchi tag really put a damper on my mood.

Well, for a start, this anime reminds me of Harry Potter. Even the protagonist, Sai Akuto, wears the same sort of uniform and instead of a scar on his forehead, he has scars under his eyes. He even have the same sort of haircut. Not only that, they even have The Hat in the form of an annoying smoking bird to determine the physical condition and the future occupation of the students. Needless to say, I have problem with that but I'll reserved my opinion until I've seen all 24 minutes of the episode. Who know if it managed to change my mind in that time...

Harry Potter reincarnation, Sai Akuto

Harry Potter Akuto wants to be the high-priest so I guess that explained the lack of nosebleed when he saw what Junko was wearing under her uniform skirt. Junko is the tsundere female lead of this anime btw. She and Akuto share the same righteous shit so they become friends instantly. Not to mention that they are both going to the same Magic Academy.

But remember that annoying smoking bird that predicted the future? Well, it predicted that instead of being a high-priest, Akuto will end up as the Demon King. I dunno why Akuto was so depressed and panicky. I would have taken the Demon King job in a heart beat. That's like the coolest job ever!

Sure he might lost his chance to get into Junko's pantsu but as Demon King, he can always rape her and get away with it.

Yes, just like that

And sure he'll be discriminated upon, but isn't that the best part. Only after he was announced to be Demon King that the story took a turn for the better. In a way it was funnier.

It was one misunderstanding after the other. And as Akuto tried to set things right he just made the matter worst when he accidentally unleashed his power during a duel with Junko. And since this is an ecchi anime, it was granted that all the female clothes were torn at the right places.

Oh this is Junko btw

Besides Junko, Akuto has made friends with the midget of the class, Miwa Hiroshi. He is quite the devious character, although seemingly innocent. I reckon he is going to cause so much trouble for Akuto.

makes me want to rubs my hands together and chuckles evilly

Just like he made friends with the good ones, there are obviously some people with malice that have their eyes on him but they aren't properly introduced yet.

Right after 24 minutes, it is not a bad first episode if I do say so. Does it has potential to be great? I doubt it but this is going to turn out quite a decent anime for this season.

Oh btw, the stupid censoredship pissed me off.

art & animation 6/10
story 7/10
characters 7/10
sound 6/10
enjoyment 8/10
overall 7/10


Ah, good to see that you liked it too. I guess it's another one of those guilty pleasures for me - it just ended up working. I think it's mostly because of Akuto. Slightly charismatic, but not enough to make it count; the one who tries hard to make sense and get people to view things under his logic, but somewhat fails. I see a bit of myself in that.

And well, Harry Potter wasn't destined to become a demon king, as far as I know :p And he makes a lot more sense than angst-filled Potter. That Sorting Hat ripoff was definitely a kick to the groin, though.

Akuto makes this into an entertaining one, no doubt and what strikes me that this shit is so similar to Harry Potter was when I first laid my eyes on Akuto's uniform at the train station. It was so fucking obvious.

Yea... After seeing that third picture, I told myself, "I'm not going to touch this at all."

Oh but you should Yi. I don't usually tolerate stuff like this but with Ichiban, I just dunno how to react. It's not the usual hatred that I feel.

So yeah. Potential!

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