09 April 2010

Heroman: Episode 2

Time for another episode of Heroman. In episode 2, Heroman is back to its normal size. I wonder if it needs another strike of lightning for it to come alive and be like 12 feet tall again. That won't be too convenience wouldn't it? Also I like to see how does it goes back to its normal size. Realistically it wouldn't be possible unless you are from the same planet as the Transformers.

Ah I didn't need to wait long for an answer though. All Joey needs to do is click on the device and voila! He'll get the arm attachment where he can call forth the real size Heroman with a click of a button and he can just canceled the action with a thought. Damn, now they are telepathic?

But at least they came up with a logic excuse for the damaged house since it did get struck by lightning after all.

It only occurred to me that we didn't see that many cheerleader in Japanese anime. The only reason we have one in Heroman I assumed is because it was setup in America and like typical American mindset, being a cheerleader is rad and you'll be automatically socially adept and what not. I don't like it. It is too fucking cliche. And most often than not, cheerleaders are stuck up bitch. I feel cheated with Heroman attempt to make Lina so decent and nice. It got one thing correct though, that they are horny bitches. That's why she's so hung up on a loser like Joey.

Stop being such a scaredy-cat. Jeebus!

Also, how the fuck did she able to do the cheerleading stuff after the accident? Realistically shouldn't she need some rest, or at least has few cuts and bandages?

The giant cockroaches are already on the move, sending out troops in a pod down to earth. Usually all these giant aliens chose Japan as their new home but I guess Stan Lee managed to convince them to invade US for a change. Good job. The Japanese need their peaceful time to continue producing good anime, unlike this one.

This is what happened to the roaches when you don't clean your room like your ma tell you to!

The Americans are so stupid or so used to see aliens on the movie screen that they did not run in fear when the big bugs landed and destroyed their car. What happened to the enhance military technology of the US? Can't they detect these shits when they entered the air space? So many loopholes!


I guess they weren't that afraid because the giant bugs were carrying pink colored weapon. Seriously though... PINK? That is so NOT intimidating...

If there is one thing that going to piss me off for the rest of the episodes, it gotta be the transformation sequence. I don't need to see the same shit every time he wants to transform Heroman into the big ass metal case. And when did he came up with the annoying sentence anyway? Jeez...

Also, I have got the feeling that Lina is so going to be the damn damsel in distress and unsurprisingly I was spot on. Urgh I hate this kind of character dammit. Not to mention that his ungrateful brother for no reason has grudge on Joey for saving the earth. WTF

Sorry to say but I was wrong with my first impression. After watching the second episode, I think I'll just give this series 6/10.

I'm more annoyed than entertained.


Agreed about Lina doing cheerleading after that bad looking accident. I suppose it's an advertisement for how safe American cars (I think Lina's father drove a Cadillac CTS) are.

This whole episode was freaking gay

Really, gay? If anything, I felt Joey lost all the effeminate characteristics that made me attracted to him in the first place. That or the influence of fanart has taken its toll on me.

Yeah, now that you mentioned it, Joey does look less gay in this episode but I wasn't referring to him. I was referring to the whole shit.

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