08 April 2010

Bleach: Chapter 399

I woke up with a morning call from this jerk telling me that Naruto PWNZ and Bleach SUX. Obviously he made me cry in anguish. So I stumble to the front of my computer and read the latest episodes on mangastream.

How can Bleach sux with Shinji colored spread, listening to Bleach OST, right? Yeah I thought the jerk has lost it. But he's a Narutard anyway, that asshole.

As expected, Aizen is having a swell time with Isshin while Ichigo chitchatting with Gin.

LMAO, looks who's talking... XD

Wait, didn't he went on Bankai mode in the last chapter? Crap, apparently that was just to threaten Ichigo or Kubo once again fucked up with the plot. Argh whatever, I can't be angry when we have Gin in a chapter.

Yes bitch, that's how far Shinso can go in Bankai mode @_@

I'm so glad that Gin did not waste anymore time and went straight to Bankai. It can be because Kubo is running out of time, but for Gin I think it is perfect. Also, I think Bankai is only just a fraction of his real power. He does not has the Hougyoku planted inside of his body so there is a high possibility that he can turn into a Vaizard.


Holy fucking shit... I think I just wet my pants. His bankai seems invincible as it slashed through the concrete buildings! ZOMG!

But of course our protagonist wouldn't have trouble stopping such magnificent attack *slits wrist*

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

p/s: I'm so pissed with Ichigo/Kubo, I might as well stop writing anything or it would just be profanities after profanities.


Would have been a decent bankai if Ichigo didn't stop it so easily. As it stands now though, it's an unimpressive bankai.

nope. It still is an impressive Bankai. Ichigo is going to has his ass kicked. Gin will not fail that easily.

Oh he better not!

A. What a stupid chapter... i feel like almost nothing happened considering he didnt use his bankai till like halfway thru.
B. Don't stop writing reviews because i have been enjoying these everyweek.
C. Fuck the plot lately. Its been pissing me off since the captains killed ALL the espada (which should not have happened)

correction though. The captains did not kill ALL the espada. Aizen killed Hallibel himself.

These reviews help make my week worth waiting for. Please keep writing them.

On a separate note, a wall of text is about to appear.

Since the battle at Fake Karakura Town takes place in the real world (inside a barrier obviously), then real world physics should be applicable. If Gin can move his arm from being held out straight in line with is shoulder to being held out straight in front of him (pointing in front of him) in a little less than the span of a second (conservative estimate), and Kami Shini no Yari is extended to it's full 13km length, then the tip of his bankai would be moving at speeds EXCEEDING 20 kilometers PER SECOND (45000mph). To give you an idea on how fast that is, it is faster than the theoretical maximum speed of the meteor theorized to have brought the end of the dinosaurs (~12~20km/s), and is roughly twice the speed needed to break free of the gravity of the Earth, and is approximately equal to the speed needed to escape the gravity of the planet URANUS. Spend a few seconds to think about that. THAT is the MINIMUM level of awesomeness brought forth by Gin.

Were Gin to try a little harder and perhaps pull out a mask, and if Kurosaki Ichigo's body had a few broken bones from being squeezed by someone of Tesla's caliber, getting whacked by a sword moving at LEAST 60 times the speed of sound should reduce Ichigo to nothing more than cosmic dust and scattered reishi particles. But hey, this is Kubo we are talking about, and what is one of Kubo's favorite pastimes? Feeding the Troll.

P.S. The cover spread of this chapter was epic.

Reading your comment, Anonymous, made my morning. People keep telling me how weak and boring his bankai is. People don't seem to get the awesomeness behind it all just because Ichigo stopped his sword which btw is a plotkai. No one can stopped a sword moving that fast and still held his ground.

Kubo is indeed the greatest troll that has ever live...

In all truth, I too have been unimpressed with Gin's Bankai. I mean, I was only impressed when Kubo took the time to show buildings and the like actually being destroyed instead of covering it in dust clouds or some lame stuff like that. But the more I think about it, I'm sure there's a catch to this long sword that makes it more fearsome than just being a long sword...maybe it squirts out dangerous liquids? XDXDXD

NOT YOU TOO!! Where's the fate?!

people who think naruto is better than bleach are not to be taken seriously. Naruto is the cheap pop star of anime. It knows how to pull the emotional strings of people whose strings are easily pulled, people who have no qualms about lack of complexity in characters and story, people who think "bonds"(yugioh fans, see: friendship) is a deep and original message.

Now in the end, I think it's a good anime. give it a 7/10. great battles, great plot twists, and maybe if attention whore naruto and emo queen sasuke weren't the main characters It could have been great, but its overwhelming fame comes only from cheap ploys and the fact that it was on cartoon network. Don't go comparing that to a class act like Trigun, a masterpiece like Death Note, a legend like FMA or Cowboy Bebob, unless you want to look like an imbecile. If you dare, if you DARE, to compare it to the (death)godsend that is Bleach, I will be forced to castrate you for the good of humanity.

LOL someone will get very pissed reading this. GOOD JOB my sex slave

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