11 April 2010

First Impression: Ookiku Furikabutte ~Natsu no Taikai Hen~

This is definitely the anime that I looked forward to the most. I can't get enough of the first season. If you have yet to see the first season, WTF are you doing? Watch it NIAO! Or damn on you.

Trust me. It's worth it. Even Baka-Raptor endorsed Oofuri (I'm just shooting in the dark here but I remember reading he said so when he comment in one of Glo's post in his ISSS or I could just making up story. Either way, Oofuri is great. Period. Those who said otherwise can suck my detached analog stick).

The second season started where it left off in season 1. I remember who Riou is and since I did read the manga (although is way behind the latest chapters), I guess they'll stick with the story from the manga.

This is going to be an intense second season. That much I can tell from the backstabbing and strategy they set up in the first episode.

Knowing this obviously made me nervous as hell for Tajima. Oh yeah, lets established that Tajima is my most favorite character in Oofuri. He is the most energetic and talented player out of the bunch. They would have lost a lot of game in season one if not for him. Abe comes second. And the rest of the baseball team come in third. You might hate the weak-willed Mihashi but I can't bring myself to do so. Yeah sure he can be annoying with his pussiness but he delivers.

From top left: Abe, Tajima, Mihashi, Izumi and Nishihiro.
Botton from left: Oki, Mizutani, Suyama, Sakaeguchi, Hanai and Momoe (the Coach)

In conclusion, I'm going to be a bias fucker and urge everyone to watch this series. You'll fall in love with it, I swear. Even if you don't, you'll learn to appreciate it. I mean, I know nuts about baseball until I watched the first season of Oofuri and now I'm hooked. It makes me interested in sports anime as well.

art & animation 9/10
story 10/10
characters 10/10
sound 9/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9/10


I'm still really cautious with sports anime - I really liked Giant Killing, but I'll have to see that through for a little longer to see if sports is the right dish for me. Call me a slow taster.
Oh, and I'll get to your Arakawa ep 2 post as soon as I watch it. Didn't dare spoil myself by looking at the screencaps.

Most of the sports anime I have seen never disappoint me so I have a good experience. I am so glad Oofuri was my first ^^

How can anyone hate Mihashi? Tajima kicks ass >< For some odd reason Abe emitts Mom-like waves towards Mihashi the way he's always taking care of him and for some reason I find that awesome!

Mihashi? It's not exactly hate from my part. I just feel like slapping his head sometimes with the way he was acting. He needs to grow some balls but damn that guy can pitch! Tajima is obviously the hero for this baseball team and Abe is cute when he worries about Mihashi.

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