11 December 2011

Another milestones: 500K

I reached 50K hits back in June last year, 100K hits 3 months after that and now a year and a half later, here I am celebrating my 500K hits. Good news is, I am still as passionate about anime as I was back then, or maybe even more. I am certainly watching way more anime at the moment than I did a year ago. I even beat Glo with the hits but he hasn't been as active as he was otherwise I would have bite the dust.

So I have been thinking of what to write for this somewhat special occasion but no idea came to mind. The only reason I know why I even bother writing this post is to encourage myself to be a better writer and blogger. Some may argue that page views don't mean shit and don't actually indicate the real number of readers but I take what I can. Besides, this stats aren't accurate either since blogger only started calculate the stats in 2009 while I started this blog in 2006.

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Though I am excited, it wasn't all that big of a deal. Ambivalen got the perfect post to indicate how I really feel about it (not coincidentally, the post was about them celebrating a milestone as well). Don't get me wrong though. I am happy but at the end of the day, it just another numbers and a relatively small numbers compared to the hits of other bloggers.

I decided to bring you guys closer to the innards of conspicuous klux. Allow me to bore you by writing some brief stats before we move on to other subjects (if I feel like it). I'll do them in a batch of top threes:

I owe part of this success to animenano and otaku.fm for bring in most of the hits, with the former more so than the latter. The third highest referral site is actually from A Product of Wasted Time which bumped Baka-Raptor down to fourth place. To be completely honest, I was quite surprise by this since I never did see any linkage from that said blog that directed to my blog. It was quite a mystery. Maybe TJ can explain it?

Popular post is dominated by my first impression for Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls. I guess they weren't enough ecchi pictures of the show around the net. Pretty ironic since I didn't even manage to watch the second episode. Number two is about a post that discussed the impact of anime in our sexual every day life. I certainly has learn a lot from watching/reading anime/manga (inclusive of yaoi) than I did in school. It also makes me developed my own fetishes. The third most popular post of all time is a meme post I wrote when I started writing about anime. It wasn't anything special except for the smex IchiRuki fanart.

My top three keyword search should have had something to do with popular posts right? But it don't have any relation at all. The first most popular keyword is rather dull: anime spring 2011 which of course directed them to my preview of that said season. The second keyword is best sex positions which then directed to one of the most fun post I have ever written in the history of conspicuous klux. But that post did not transpired the best discussion as much as the post about whether or not size matter does. That was enjoyable as fuck (pun fully intended).

And that's all for the stat shit. I doubt that any of you care anyway. I reiterate what I said in June last year: Not that it (this blog) was a popular blog then, nor it is a popular blog now.

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So what have changed besides the layout of this blog which I absolutely adore as it is way more user-friendly and easier to navigate through? The fact that I ended up writing episodic reviews for the shows that I care and have a high regard for. I realized that trying to compress my opinions for those shows in my tard diary would be sort of an injustice. As things turn out, I actually enjoyed writing those reviews for my own satisfaction, even though that it might not have any added values.

But most of all, I see new names in my blog now compared to the familiar names that frequent my blog in yesteryear: Ningyo, Canne, Jubbz, Oballer, Yi, Bass and few others. Part of it was totally my fault. The influctuation of posts in the first half of this year must have been one of the biggest reasons. Other than that, it must have something to do with the uninspiring posts I wrote. Again, totally my fault. I guess all I wanna say is I sorta missed seeing them. I blame the twitter!

Having said that, let me properly thanks all who have helped contribute for the hits. Though it might not seem important, knowing that someone read the shit I wrote, is one of the real joys of life and for that I'll be forever in debt to you all. Hopefully my passion for writing (be it shit or otherwise) will continue for many more hits to come.

And that's all for this unimportant post. See you guys again in another obligatory post if I ever hit 1 million hits heh. To those who read this post from start to finish, you are pretty awesome for surviving the ramblings, links and random fanarts ^_^


I don't write comments often, but you are my favourite blogger and I wish you even more than one million visitors. You have good potencial for it :-)

Congratulations. I know what you mean that milestones are kind of silly because they are somewhat arbitrary, but they certainly are a sign that you are still around, and that is truly a cause for celebration. I'm looking forward to seeing your Millionth Hit post, and your 5 Million Hits post, and your 500 Million Hits post, and so on. All hail the beautiful, brave, and noble Klux!

Big Congrats! Keep up the rants on Bleach!

As to why you get referrals from my site. I do have a link to your blog in my blogroll. Maybe it's because I usually click on that link to get to your blog haha.

Congratulations! Wooooooooooo Hoooooooo! I wish I commented more..I shall change that xD

Writing about sex gets you 500k hits. Writing about sex gets me blacklisted from Google. Life isn't fair.

Thank you all ^_^

and I'm sorry Baka-Raptor but like you said, life isn't fair. Just look at your readership compared to mine. But then again, my subjects weren't thought provoking like yours.

Wow, it always amazes me to see how fast other bloggers accumulate hits! Congratulations!

Also, nicer layout this time! :D

this is fast? I think if blogger has this stat feature /before/ August 2009, then perhaps I have reached 1mil by now :P

btw, I love the layout too ^_^

Well fuck me right?

and you like to be fucked, right? ^_^

It's true....if it's done by a girl.

It's been a while since I visited, and congratulations on the 500k milestone! It's always a delight to interact with you on blogs and via twitter and what not. ^ ^

p.s. Love the blog revamp~

thanks Yi. I visited yours but often need to close the windows because I found your post (especially about Usagi Drop) a bit spoilerish ^_^"

500k? That's like, 5 times the number I have! :v

the cake doesn't lie this time

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