12 April 2011

X-Men: Episode 2

Let see if the quality animation from episode 1 will continue in episode 2 of X-Men. I seriously don't want Madhouse to screw this one up.

The parent of the missing child were having a mental breakdown. Understandably so, I might say because their daughter is one among the many missing children (presumably all mutant) in the neighborhood and they couldn't report it to the police because of the fear of getting discriminated upon. Pfft, these people are morons.

As they discussed proper action, more mutant child have gone missing. Obviously X-Men (especially Cyclops) were pissed. They felt like all that they have done before makes no difference at all for the other mutants.

The bad guys have already noticed their presence and launched an attack. The X-Men were right though. The U-Men is the one behind all of this. U-Men is an organization consists of mad scientist who abused mutant power to eliminate human. Pretty screwed up, no?

the fucktard

The battles with the tin man were kinda meh really. Without the background music it would be pretty monotonous for me. Even more so when Cyclops is being an emo bastard again during fights. Jeebus, get over it already. Besides the fights were to collect data on the X-Men so they can develop more advance anti X-Men weapon. That's cunning.

But it's not over yet. Since Storm managed to track one of the tin man, they proceeded by infiltrating the enemies' lair. When I see what they did to the missing mutants, I was pissed off too. They turned into a fugly being and obviously in a lot of pain. The U-Men used them as the anti X-Men weapon. Jeebus, how inhuman. I can't wait to see the X-Men kill those who are responsible for this abominable situation.

I don't blame Cyclops for hesitating this time though. The situation kinda similar to that of Jean. He was trying to save the boy unfortunately he's beyond help and there's no way for them to return him back to normal. The only way to end his suffering is by killing him :(

Yes, I got tears in my eyes. But only for a minute. Like I said, Cyclops should get the fuck down from his high horse and who better to snap him out of it other than Wolverine. Cyclop should act more like a leader than a sorry bastard. And so they continued to venture the place and found the girl and a woman who Cyclops recognized as the one who was controlling Jean before she "died".

Glad to know that the quality of the episode remains as good. Madhouse is not pulling our legs this time around.

p/s; Beast created a handheld Cerebro just to ensure that Professor-X ain't getting senile XD


I am not sure I will get into this series. I am an olde Comic fan, but sometimes these version don't seem to attract my attention.

The details are awesome though

I am probably going to just watch the Wolverine series...... I've seen the U-Men saga played out before.... and I need more bad ass Logan and less bullshit emo tool Scott..... this series is not even as close to as good as the original animated X-Men.

The battle scene was surprisingly uninteresting. For now I'll keep watching, but the plot movement always seems so damned handy. Like how everybody arrived at Xavier's side within moments in ep. 1. They walk up to the lab pods and see the kid right away, even though they implied there was a town's worth of missing mutants.

if it's not for the excellent art and animation, i wouldn't bother with this one either, bluedrakon.

@Oballer, I would be very surprised if this series surpass the original animated X-Men. I don't have such high hopes for it in the first place after the shit of two previous collaborations.

@abandonedfactory, I wish they focus more on the action than Cyclops gritting his teeth at every damn screen time he got. also, they only have like 12 episodes for this series so obviously they are rushing which explained how the plot movements were so convenient on their parts.

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