07 April 2010

Bleach: Episode 265

Aight, this is the last episode of the zanpaktou filler arc. So glad that it's finally over.


This episode is going to be focused on the zanpaktou as they fought the one sword fiend that has the ability to absorb other zanpaktous' reiatsu. All of them combined still did not manage to bring down the sword fiend.

They only succeeded when their shinigami masters (not all of them though. The captain didn't bother to turn up) arrived to save their asses. I guess there was a message that they were trying to tell us but still I think it was LAME.

I found it funny though that Renji out of the other shinigami who school them about the symbiosis relationship between zanpaktou and their master.

Apparently the zanpaktous are at their limit. They won't be able to materialize for much longer. I guess that explained why they were so weak? But yeah, they all vanished at the end of the episode. This might sound funny but I'm gonna miss them characters.

I know that this is the last episode but the quality of the animation was diabolical. I want to cut off the heads of the people who were responsible for this episode. It just look retarded from start to finish.

everyone has a bigger head in this episode >_>

Oh yeah, in the omake, it showed Ichigo and Ulquiorra having a chat. That gave me the feelings like they are friends behind the screen. Jeez I need to stop imagining them as real people!

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