07 April 2010

First Impression: Arakawa Under the Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge is definitely one of the anime that I remember wanting to watch because it looks totally retard. A man with a star head? That looks totally awesome to me and this is produced by Shaft. That got to mean something, doesn't it?

Meet Ko Ichinomiya. He's the loser who was getting bullied by a bunch of kids. He is stinking rich and comes from a family that does not rely on anyone, no matter what the circumstances are. To inherit the family business, Ko has to prove that he can do just that.

Everything changes when he met Nino. The seemingly emotionless female who happened to be fishing when Ko tried to retrieve his pants back. The pillar gave out and he fell into the river. He would have died if not for Nino so his life motto of "never rely on anyone" was not applicable anymore unless he repays her.

Nino lives under the bridge (duh) and when Ko saw this, he immediately offered her a house which she declined. Ko was obviously befuddled. He doesn't want to owe anyone anything and Nino is making it hard for him. At last she asked for one thing: for Ko to love her. Heh, awesome XD

You'll get this only after you've seen the episode

That was the least of his problem though as he was introduced with another bizzare character. Oh man, I love the retardedness of this show. I mean, Ko is one hell of a determine young man who will do anything to repay his debt so when he met the weirdos, and what they expected of him, hilarity ensued.

I was rolling with laughter when I saw the last scene where Nino went back to sleep. This is certainly one of the anime that I'll be waiting weekly to see. So I guess Arikawa Under the Bridge is a replacement for Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu for the comedy department. I approved greatly.

lmaorofl WIN!

And we have yet to see the man with the star head. From what I read, his seiyu is none other than Tomokazu Sugita. I'm a happy camper.

Arakawa Under the Bridge consists of few episodes in one big episode. Not even half way through, we have seen 3 mini episodes and by the end of episode 1 we have 9 mini episodes. Different is definitely good.

art/animation 9/10
story 10/10
character 10/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9/10


Oh ho, looks fun. A cute little plot that doesn't try to do anything too ambitious for itself to handle. And I've got a soft spot for girls living under bridges...
Will watch, then.

this is funnier than what I have expected hence the seal of approval

Oh my gooseness! I am happy! This is one of the 3 or 4 shows that actually looked decent. If it has the Klux seal, I'll dabble and give it a gander (which I was going to do anyway).

Definitely a funny episode. When Nino crawled into her bed, I thought it was a coffin at first, and had to rewind. The mayor was awesome, so I'll be looking forward to his return, but, as you say, I think we will be meeting some other interesting people in the weeks ahead.

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