29 November 2011

Fate/Zero: Episode 9

Smoking hot sex scene!

lol I wish!

The beginning of this episode showed Diarmuid in his past love life with Grainne but it wasn't Lancer who was reminiscing but it was Kayneth who dreamed it all. He just woke up from his long sleep after the fight with Kiritsugu and was pretty pissed when he found himself strapped on that metal stretcher. I was actually surprised that Sola-Ui attended him given his cripple condition. She even regenerated his internal organ. I was under the impression that she hated him. I guess they shared a bond that only they understand.

Sola-Ui refreshed Kayneth's memories by telling him what had happened as well as the fact that he can no longer use magic. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Kayneth when I saw that tear. He was a very proud magician indeed and only knew how to be a magician. When you took that away from him, he is left with... nothing? Pretty much an empty shell in that crippled body of his.

I was right to suspect Sola-Ui though. She definitely has something up her sleeves and she didn't take long to get it out of her chest. She wanted the command seal from Kayneth and thus made her Lancer's Master. When Kayneth refused, she broke his finger one by one. Jeebus, how fucking evil can a hideous woman be? Now I truly feel for Kayneth.

such a thoughtful wife...

and the moved husband...

Since he didn't have a choice, he gave her the Command Seals. Lancer was unwilling at first until Sola told him that she was doing all these to win the war and restores Kayneth back to normal. Kayneth already told Sola that Lancer might be hiding something important. He obviously didn't believe Lancer when he told him he has no desire for the Holy Grail. After seeing Lancer's memories I am sure Kayneth have an inkling or two that he was right not to trust Lancer. Lets just hope Lancer will betray her.

Back at Kiritsugu's place, somehow there was no sign that a battle was fought there. Everything was back to normal which kinda... illogical? Even the dining room where Kayneth first caught up with Kiritsugu looked unscathed. Did I miss something?

Anyway, Saber wanted to pursue Caster immediately but Kiritsugu wanted to take care of Kayneth first. He was obviously still mad at Saber for not stopping Lancer and rightly so, in my opinion.

On the other hand, Waver and Rider were actively pursuing Caster. Waver showed that he wasn't as useless as a Magi and he redeemed himself a bit there. He ordered Rider to take sample of water from the river and using alchemy, he traced Caster's location. Rider didn't waste anytime to ambush the place but Caster and his Master weren't there. What was left were the corpses of those children they have slaughtered.

I am actually glad that they censored the whole thing out. After what I've seen with the tentacle monster, I don't ever want to see neither one of their handywork anymore. It was just too cruel and inhuman.

true that


don't judge him

They weren't the only one there though. Rider managed to kill one of the Assassins who have been following them around. They were up against a bunch of Assassins, in fact, but they just sneaked back into the shadows. Lucky for Rider? We wouldn't know because Rider quickly suggested that they must retreat but not before they destroyed the place. Now that Caster has no where to hide, he will be found eventually. Well, at least this revealed the fact to both Rider and Waver that they have been deceived into thinking that Kirei's Servant was dead.

so pretty *__*

This of course displeased Kirei but Tokiomi assured him that it wouldn't matter. This sort of reminded Kirei what Gil said earlier. Indeed his words can't be disputed. I mean, Tokiomi didn't move his ass at all! He just used big words to confirm himself as the person in charge. Sorry Rin but your father sucks.

penny for your thought, Kirei

Regarding this episode, I was expect to be quite annoyed both subjects of focus (Kayneth/Sola and Rider/Waver). Turned out I was quite surprised at how well this episode translated them as a character, and how they complimented each other, either in a good way or bad. However, I do notice the derpy kind of quality for this show. Most of the time, the proportions of body and head were off and that made the characters looked like they had the shrinking Beetlejuice's head. Other than that, good development.


Actually, if you look at those Sola-Kayneth screenshots without the subs, it looks like Sola's riding him and he's about to blast.

So...there's your smoking hot scene.

lmao quite true. Hahaha this definitely made my day XD

Tokiomi may suck but at least his daughter rocks! Go Rin!! Go Rin x Saber FTW!!! :P

There's no denying that fact! Rin is anything but boring. She's great

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