28 November 2011

Working'!!: Episode 9

The title for this episode is "Love is Global" so naturally I am stoked to see what this episode has in store for me. As expected, it dived straight into the romance of Yachiyo and Satou. Turned out Yachiyo is bad with machine and cellphone scared the bejeebus out of her. They managed to convince her to get one and thanks to Souma's suggestion, Satou got to take her out during lunch break to look and buy one cellphone for her. Chance!


I absolutely entertained by the store clerk that attended Yachiyo and Satou. She sort of reminded of Satou to be honest, maybe because of the hair? Yachiyo isn't good with store clerk either but it can't be helped with her carrying that katana around her waist like that lol

There were definitely some development between Satou and Yachiyo though Satou was pretty much skeptical of the whole thing, and understandably so I might add. When Yachiyo asked him to put in his number in her new cellphones, his thought was that she memorized Kyoko's number and that pissed him off. When Yachiyo said she wanted to send text to him, he already knew that Yachiyo wanted to tell him all about Kyoko lol

Back at Wagnaria, Yohei came to visit and helping out. He almost got raped by Takanashi's whore sister who have no qualm undressing wherever and whenever haha. She even asked him to marry her and he would experienced the German suplex if Takanashi didn't save him. Run Yohei! Run! Shoo shoo!

so confident!

Yohei didn't came alone. Mitsuki came too because Souma asked her to bring Yachiyo's pictures when she was a kid. She and the gang is very protective of Yachiyo and made it a big deal if anyone else besides Kyoko call her by her first name. Obviously Satou do call Yachiyo by her first name and Mitsuki tried to put a stop to that with no success. It however uncovered a nasty truth for Satou.


Mitsuki then decided that they (Yohei and somehow Kozue as well) have to stalk the place to make sure that Yachiyo is safe. Kozue definitely can read the situation better than the two twin. She knew now that Satou is in love with Yachiyo. I wonder what she will do with that knowledge.

On the other hand, Takanashi was pretty harsh with Yamada today. Though she might not admit it, Yamada actually look up to Takanashi and when he went berserk on her, she ran away which consequently made Takanashi felt like an asshole for about... a minute and a half? lol Yamada you are hopeless.

I want to say that I was a tad disappointed that they don't do Takanashi and Inami but I suspect the rest of the episodes will wrap up the drama between those two as well as the meeting between Kirio and Yamada. I can't wait for that! w00t!!

Besides, it is always fun to see Satou handling his feelings with Yachiyo. I kinda feel sorry for him though. I've been in his shoes once and it was tough. Ganbatte Satou-kun!

so lonely T__T

And now for the extra XD

then stop getting on his nerves! lol

aren't they a good looking couple?


p/s: This is my 1000th post. I'm just so glad that I'm writing about this show instead of something else. It makes sense that my 1000th post is about something that I truly adore and enjoy. Thank you Working'!! for being so wonderful.


Congratulations on your 1000th post.:]

omg omg omg omg
I'm currently on my 7th episode on Wagnaria
and I couldn't stop spoiling myself~
I read on a wagnaria wiki that there's a split second where
yachiyo opens here eyes on ep 7 but I couldn't find it and I found

Ahhh I'm spazzing about the screenshots I saw of Yachiyo and Satou!
cool blog~ :D

hehe you are just like me when it comes to Working! I couldn't stop myself from spazzing either because IT IS JUST THAT DAMN GOOD!

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