27 November 2011

Mirai Nikki: Episode 7

The reason why I'm watching this so late is because the torrent took forever to finish download and it rather pissed me off. I need my weekly dosage of Yandere Yuno, if you know what I mean.

Reisuke's Picture Diary can only predicts the future three times a day which gave him quite the disadvantage given the fact that Yuki's diary and Yuno's diary sorta compliment each other and are a perfect pairing. This kid sure is fucked up in the head and I didn't expect any less since his parent were in that fucked up cult shit to begin with. I bet the things he have seen in that cult must have scarred him for life. He has a bottle of poison with him and I have to ask the logical question: how the fuck a kid of his age got a hold of that? Also I was quite surprise no one in that house heard him. He talked pretty loud in that shitty room and jeebus he sounded so fucking annoying. I would have killed him just for his annoying voice, if nothing else.

Reisuke helped out making lunch which gave him the opportunity to poison Yuno and Yuki. LOL he underestimated Yuno though. She can detected something was wrong with the tomato just by the weight. Hahaha just how fucking efficient you are Yuno?

(c) yuri11108

Since the poison didn't work, Reisuke tried to fucking electrocuted the guys. He has no business knowing how to electrocute a human being at his age! What the fuck?

Thank goodness Yuki realized something was wrong otherwise Yuno would have been toasted. And thus both of them now knew that Reiko is a Future Diary holder as well. Hmm, that would make easier for them to deal with the little shithead. I wish Yuno would have used the "equipment" she brought on him. Perfect justice! But of course Yuki wanted to do the right thing since "he's a kid". He never learn >_>

But of course the temptation kill him off was too great for Yuno and thus she chased him around the house with a sledgehammer and accidentally hit Rea's head with it lmao. Wait, I shouldn't be laughing my ass off. Forgive me XD

ku ku ku... >=D

I gotta hand it to this kid. He was so fucked up, I was just totally at lost and to be honest I was quite mad as well. Where the fuck did he get a gas mask for example? He managed to outsmart Yuki (well, that wasn't so hard) and left a cloud of poison gas inside the house. With Yuki down, Yuno pretty much has the green light to kill him. He really did piss off Yuno more than necessary though. Oh well, more bad news for him then.

But I didn't expect him to outsmart Yuno either, which is good. Unpredictable is always good because when Yuno is down, Yuki always came to her rescue and I love seeing Yuki as a bad ass as opposed to the boring/safe Yuki.

Reisuke used the electrocution idea again and this time, Yuno had no where to run to. But worry not, Yuno, Yuki will save you like an elite~ lol

oh noes!!

oh YES!!

By the way, Kusuru was leaking information to Ninth about Fifth (Reisuke) and I have to question yet again, what is his deal is. He must be the most dangerous Future Diary yet in my opinion, besides Yuno that is. I was actually quite surprised that Ninth came to help out and I wonder why didn't she kill the both of them when she got the perfect chance to do that? I mean, Yuno was down, she can't protect Yuki or herself for that matter. Why?

And I am sick of people keep repeating the fact that Yuno is Yuki's worst enemy. It was obvious from the get go. Stop trying to convince Yuki to leave Yuno, damn it! They have a really beautiful relationship.

lol or am I the fucked up one here? XD


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