27 November 2011

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 8

Igor was once again not presence when Yuu went to the Velvet Room. Only Margaret was there to greet him and told him that he has yet again obtained another Arcana: the Emperor. I guess that's Tatsumi Kanji's Persona.

Anyway, it is already Summer and the kids no longer have to wear that hideous coat. I gotta say that I'm digging the school Summer uniform, and in a totally perverted way too. I guess Yousuke and I can be the best of friends in this regard lol.

I can't help it ^__^"

And since it's Summer, it wouldn't be complete without a school camping trip. Well, at least this is better than a beach episode, right? In fact this was way better since they helped cleaning up the forest too. Yep, they definitely sending the right message to the audience.

Turned out that both Yukiko and Chie were a phailure when it comes to cooking. I can understand if it was just Chie but Yukiko too? She sure looks like someone who is good at house chores, including cooking, don't you think? I was laughing so hard when Yousuke and Yuu almost died from eating their curry. The reaction, especially that of Yuu, was just too funny even though I have already expected it.

But hey worry not. Aika to the rescue! lol she can deliver food basically anywhere, can she and she's available 24/7 too. How convenient.

Also, looked like Yousuke's dream to sleep in the same tent with the girls really did comes true though it wasn't as pleasant as he hoped it would be. And what do you know, we still got to see the girls in swimsuit all thanks to Yousuke's thoughtfulness. I just have so much fun with all of the scenes regarding this paragraphs. Bear in mind that I am usually very critical when it comes to swimsuit scenes so once again Persona 4 the Animation has done it the right way. I love the exchanged of reactions between the boys and the girls and Yuu with his deadpan face... he can't do wrong with that.

lol with the gay joke

lol Yuu, you!

If that wasn't enough to make me laugh, the fact that Kanji got rejected by the Pig just got me laughed harder. That was unexpected and a tad of embarrassing to watch lol. NANJASORIA indeed.

But it wasn't all fun and games for Yuu and Yousuke. They found Konishi Naoki who blatantly said that he hated them both out of the blue. Well, I guess he has grudged against Yousuke because of his sister's murder.

what's up with that perm of a hair?

Half way through the episode, Kanji joined them and so they learned about Naoki a little bit more since he was Kanji's childhood friend. In fact, he practically dragged Naoki to where the guys were and suddenly they all became a best of friends. Turned out Yuu just have to offer him a bowl of beef noodle to get him opened up. That and not sugar coating his questions. It made sense that Naoki felt more alive with these guys since everyone else were just trying to ensure that he was okay, that he wasn't affected by the murder and have a high expectation of him.

This just fired up the guys to catch the culprit as soon as possible but we kept hearing the same words being repeated over and over again without much progress. Oh well, at least they have awakened their persona. They kept trying to find clues and connection of the murders.

But what about Chie and Yousuke? They didn't count as victims, do they?

Maybe they got it right this time. After all, everything seem to be connected to a TV one way or the other from the Midnight Channel to how they are sucked into that TV world. So they were going to pay more attention to the TV and checked out different channels just to be sure. I reckoned they will be quite busy because it tends to rain a lot during the summer right? And so they'll be more Midnight Channel than usual?

*shrugs* I was just guessing.

Anyhoo, yay for another fun and well written episode of Persona 4. I seriously have no complain about this show as of yet. Yep, I'm a happy camper!


The only complaint I have is that the animation is not a pretty as it could be. Can you imagine how good this show would be with a big production budget?

My major complaint is that the stuff in this episode seems like it was done better in the game. And Naoki totally didn't come in at this part. But I generally stop complaining as soon as I hear music that comes from the games, because it is excellent.

Sometimes the two tone faces kinda distracting but I am used to it now. I think they kinda nailed it with Yukiko and Chie's swimsuit though :P

It is a good thing that I don't play the game then so I have nothing to compare it to which mean I won't get disappointed. Speaking of the music though, I am totally digging the OP of this show.

I have to agree with Arianna. In this episode the game was funnier. Though last episode the anime was funnier. It comes and goes.

Now I feel bad for not playing the games, knowing that I missed the fun part T__T

Forget I said anything. The game sucks!! :D

lmao I need an episode of Working'!! to get rid of these depressing thoughts :P

This is from a forum where's there's a war going on about this ep:
"I kind of expected, and in fact would have encouraged, Yosuke to be a homophobic jerk because, let's face it, he's a homophobic jerk. He's a lovable character, but in the game the fact that he is a homophobic jerk is clearly portrayed as a character flaw. The reactions of other characters to Yosuke's behavior throughout the game clearly establishes that Yosuke is a tad immature and he blurts out stupid things and he often receives a legitimate comeuppance for his bursts of douchebaggery.

That's kind of the point with Yosuke: he's a decent human being who nonetheless is a bit of an ass. And while the Protag basically scores with every woman in the city because he's a nice, compassionate guy who cares about his friends and acts respectfully, Yosuke deliberately contrasts with the Protag and shows just how and why the Protag just might be so 'successful' in his dating life and why he and not Yosuke is the leader of the Investigation Team. With men like Yosuke as 'competition,' all Protag has to do is not be a chauvinistic, homophobic douche with the maturity of a third grader!

So, the way I thought Episode Seven should have gone was the way my game's playthrough essentially went: Yosuke says stupid homophobic shit, the Main Character and the girls scold Yosuke for being so self-centered when Kanji's life is at risk, the Protag acts like the supportive, all-around awesome person he is (and the awesome person that the game and the anime portray him as and that the other characters believe him to be; that is important), Kanji accepts his shadow, everyone wins!

So it was exceptionally disappointing when the Protag decided to join the Homophobia Train. And not just with one or two "You feel mild trepidation entering this dungeon with the wacky sauna theme..." messages that the game gave. Merely feeling fear upon entering a dungeon with shadows trying to kill you, even if that fear is exacerbated somewhat by some irrational and brazenly idiotic "What if the shadows are gay and try to rape me?" thought is one thing, but it's what the Protag actually says when he opens his mouth that differentiates the game's Protagonist from the anime's douche.

Game Protag hesitates but he never once indicates that he's willing to abandon the mission outright (and effectively allow Kanji to quite possibly die due to his non-intervention) because he's afraid of gay people. And while I don't have the script of Episode Seven in front of me, some of the lines from Protag's mouth were just disgustingly homophobic. It wasn't 'snarky,' it was homophobic. There is a difference.

But that pales in comparison to Protag's single worst line (said in Episode Eight, we'll get there,) and it also pales in comparison to...

* The Protag and Yosuke expressing willingness, at a moment's notice, to attack and attempt to kill Kanji's shadow just because Kanji's Shadow makes them feel uncomfortable because Kanji's Shadow is totally gay and hitting on them.

Let's get a few things straight:
At this stage of the storyline, Protag and Yosuke have seen and fought other shadow versions of characters before. They know that shadow versions of characters are absolutely harmless in their original state and remain harmless until the person in question denies them, at which point the shadows transform into a violent version that does in fact start to destroy things.

"Protag's line here is absolutely ludicrous to defend precisely because Yosuke acts far worse around women and the Protag does not call Yosuke out on it. Hell, in the very same episode, Yosuke brazenly advocates that Chie and Yukiko sleep in an integrated manner with he and Protag -- he is advocating a sexually predatory outcome in a tent in the exact same manner that he and Protag accused Kanji of doing! And yet the Protag and the women will tolerate this, because it's typical heterosexual male chauvinistic bullshittery.
It's that the characters respond so harshly to actions taken by 'homosexual' characters while tolerating and in fact encouraging the very same behavior from their heterosexual counterparts!
Yosuke forcing Yukiko and Chie to wear swimsuits despite their discomfort at the notion is funny and typical guy hijinks, and Yosuke can be excused of that! Even Chie and Yukiko don't aggressively call Yosuke out for being creepy. When Yosuke says "Hey Yukiko and Chie, why not sleep alongside us tonight?" The girls do not respond by badgering Yosuke for threatening to take their 'chastity.So the message here is plain: Girls just have to tolerate this from heterosexual guys! Heterosexual guys can and will act like perverts who want to steal your sexual purity against your will and force you to dress up in scanty swimsuits, but you should just swallow your criticism and choose to remain his friend and accept the behavior as 'typical.' Even the Protag, by refusing to aggressively scold Yosuke when Yosuke acts legitimately creepy as fuck in drooling over Chie or Yukiko, is passively enabling Yosuke as his 'friend' to engage in this skeevy shit.
But when Kanji barely acts half as predatory as Yosuke and is just sitting silently in the middle of the guy's tent, both Yosuke and Protag feel that their chastity is in serious danger! Not even because Kanji is gay and because Kanji, like Yosuke to the girls, has expressed a serious sexual interest in the Protag or Yosuke. The 'real' (non-Shadow) Kanji hasn't flirted with Protag or Yosuke at all! They don't even really definitively know whether Kanji is actually gay! And there's far less evidence that Kanji is remotely interested in pursuing a relationship, and he's certainly not forcing the Protag or Yosuke to waltz around in swimsuits for his personal enjoyment.
The dynamic of P4 that once punished a homophobic, chauvinistic, asshole of a player is gone, and instead there's a huge fundamental disconnect: The anime characters are still acting like Protag is the sweetest, coolest, most benevolent, likable, tolerant human being they know, utterly demanding their fealty and accruing their affections, but the Protag is increasingly acting just as big a jerk as Yosuke is.
The plentiful evidence that the game provided you that the Protag was a decent person in watching his social links gradually accrue over extended periods of time and effort is gone; what's left is a homophobic jokester who tolerates Yosuke's chauvinism and who's petty and insecure and yet still beloved. At this point, the Protag is in desperate need of the same kind of abuse given to Yosuke on a regular basis. But even when Yukiko and Chie dared toss the Protag into the river with Yosuke, it's still heavily implied that they're totally crushing on him, just as it's still heavily implied that Kanji thinks the Protag is an incredible friend (except, well, not at night, lest his chastity be threatened) and just as Naoki can apparently be swayed from hating the Protag and Yosuke to totally being good bros in the course of a single goddamn conversation.
(By the way, despite the fact that gay people can't do this to you, it's totally cool for you or your heterosexual friends to go even further then this when pursuing women. They just have to accept your inherent lustful state.)"

Well, here's the deal. I enjoyed both episodes because of the "debauchery" theme and absolutely has no problem with Yuu being, as you put it, a douchebag. He's funnier that way. But interesting reading nonetheless even though you put the same thing on almost every blogs that covered these episodes ^_^

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