30 November 2011

Chihayafuru: Episode 7

Yeah I know what I said. I know I won't write anymore episodic review for Chihayafuru because it sort of has lost it appeals to me but then I saw Taichi and all that shit was forgotten and before I knew it, here I am writing another episodic review for Chihayafuru for my own satisfaction. So here goes!

Taichi was having a hard time with the first syllable cards against Chihaya. I was actually quite impressed that they remember the cards though I shouldn’t be. After all that what Karuta is all about. Playing Karuta requires you to be more observant than usual and great memory. Having said that, it pleases me to see all these self-note from Taichi but kinda sad for him as well since he thought that Arata would be a better partner for Chihaya in Karuta. That's bullshit, Taichi.

YOU makes me happy <3

Anyway, Chihaya has her eyes set on Totsomu from her class, or better known as Desktomu since he only leaves his desk to go to the restroom. He was pretty much the outcast. What is it with high school students? Why are they so conscious with students who study? Isn’t that what school is for after all? I said this but I was the mean girl in school lol. Here is something that people don’t know about me at school though. Just like Destktomu, I hated my school but I lovedstudying. I ended up skipping school and did self-study at home. My parent was pretty much okay-ed with how I rolled because my grades were perfect. My teachers hated me though because they were at lost with me. I wasn’t their typical bad girl case. Oh well, the feeling was mutual. I hated my teachers too. They were judgmental as fuck. I hope they rotted in hell lol

I admit though, Desktomu was a tad pathetic if compared to Taichi, the number 1 student. The different in their personalities what makes Desktomu seemed full of flaws. Chihaya was having a hard time convincing him because naturally he will dislike Taichi because he reminded him of what he’s lacking. But if Chihaya played her card right i.e. convinced Desktomu that he can at least beat Taichi in Karuta then I bet he will sign up in a heart beat.

there are few ways to convince people. And then there is Chihaya's way

But this was Chihaya we were talking about. She pretty much lost it and dragged Desktomu WITH HIS DESK ATTACHED to the Karuta club after he belittled Karuta. Chihaya used the “play Karuta makes you smarter” card with Desktomu. He was skeptical at first but when he saw Taichi, he was impressed, as I was sure like the rest of us did. Here lied the problem though. After watching Taichi aced the game (with flipped cards just like he suggested), he was even more envious of Taichi. Well, in my opinion, he let his nickname, and thus his desk, defined him as a person.

Playing with the cards flipped over was definitely the turning point for Taichi. He finally admitted to himself that he hated losing, even more so to Arata. He was kidding himself when he said he doesn’t care if he loses because he definitely does. He now believes that he is just as good as Chihaya and Arata if he sets his mind on doing it. Talent has nothing to do with it and the most important thing is, Karuta makes him happy, even more so when he wins a game.

Don't believe in yourself! Believe in me who believes in you!

That was how he managed to convince Desktomu since he pretty much believed that he didn’t have what it takes and he was only good in studying. Desktomu was still pretty resistant about the whole thing but meh after that brilliant (though he called it lame) speech from Taichi, it was inevitable.

And so that was how they managed to recruit their fourth member…

so smex


That picture of Chihaya carrying Desk-kun is hilarious. Even though they should be the same age, she seems like a giant compared to him, or perhaps an adult with a little child.

Totsomu is flawed, but an interesting part in this show is how everyone is flawed in some way. YES, even your precious Taichi. :P

You should keep watching it. In ep. 9 was Taichi even more irresistable than here... :-)

lol I know joojoobees, even Taichi that is why he is so irresistible :D

And I will continue watching this show... at my own pace XD

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