26 November 2011

Kimi to Boku: Episode 8

After the unexpected twist of feelings that I experienced from last episode, I am actually quite timid in approaching this episode. I feel like I have to put another wall up just so I won't break down like I did after watching episode 7.

But lets get back to episode 8. What does drawing a manga has to do with owning a beret, a striped shirt or an F in the middle of your name? I am sure I am missing the reference that Yuuki pointed out and I want to kick myself in the butt for that. This transpired when the Manga Club asked Yuuki to draw a 5 pages manga for the club. Did Yuuki just say those things as an excused NOT to draw the manga?

Hmm, why the hell am I taking this so seriously anyway?

they were wondering too

As always, Yuuki drags the other four boys into the equation by forcing them to help him draw the manga. Each of them has to draw one page and them combined them to create one story. LOL Yuuki, as a manga reader you should know that won't work. First of all, the inconsistencies of the drawing will piss people off and then naturally people won't be enjoy the story. '

But you know what? His ideas just might work if they draw the comedy of the love between Kaname and his mom. If only it was not too taboo lol so instead they opted to a more safer option: shounen, though Chizuru changed that in the fourth pages into school drama.

I expected that they would be terrible with the drawing but I kept forgetting how amazing Yuta is. He actually drew very well for a n00b. Ah... what can't he do, I wonder. He is so good at everything. I can't say the same thing for Yuki though. Apparently he has his limit and it's irony since he is the one who loves reading manga so much. I really do have fun watching how the pages turned out and Kaname, in my opinion, wrapped it up nicely. I couldn't stop laughing with the boys. lolol I'm sorry Kaname XD

guess which is whose ^__^

blushing Kaname is hhhhhhhgggnnhh <3

All their hard work however almost ended up in the shredding machine. Thank goodness Kaname and Chizuru managed to stop Yuuki before the entire manga turned to unreadable bits and pieces of paper. So in the end it made it's journey to the Manga Club.

And that is the first half of the episode. In the second half, they focused on the first year kid who asked Yuuki to draw the manga in the first place. Apparently he was the errant boy for the Manga Club and everyone in that club seemed to have a high regard for Yuuki. The kid even said that Yuuki is his hero. lol I can't blame them for feeling that way. Yuuki is awesome.

Since everyone in the Manga Club supposed to draw their own manga, that kid (I should really pay more attention and find out what his name is but I don't wanna) decided to write about Yuuki and his friends. As expected, they turned out to be power rangers, complete with the transform sequence and background music. That was his first attempt by the way.

Kaname's butt is HUGH!

The second attempt was about samurai. Kaname was depicted as the bad guy who kidnapped Shuu-chan and naturally Yuuki is the hero samurai but that didn't go too well either. It seems like the kid has pretty much the right idea of how Yuuki is in person.


His third attempt was about a delinquent Yuuki who was lonely and then fall in love with Shuu-chan because of his kindness. Of course the kid obviously drew Shuu-chan wearing a skirt. lol this was actually pretty good and suited the personality of Yuuki but seriously, we all know that this won't work either.

I admit. I go kyaaaaah~ at these scenes

There is a hero I admire. Most heroes come from a faraway place in the cosmos, but he's not from such a distant place as that. Probably because it'd be too much effort. But I think he's greater than any hero.

Yeah, that's Yuuki alright. His quiet charm is deadly <3

Overall, it was an okay episode. It doesn't have that emotional feelings that it had in the last episode and I am somewhat disappointed. But hey, they made it up by focusing on Yuuki so I shouldn't really complain about it at all. Heh

p/s: the kid's name is Matsushita-something.


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