14 May 2012

Remembering Love: Detroit Metal City

When someone mentioned Detroit Metal City (DMC), one thing always come to my mind: the obscenity and the absurd amount of cussing. Both of which are the reasons why I freaking love this show. I mean, I. FUCKING. LOVED. IT! To some, it might be the exact reason why you hated it but hey, each to his/her own, though I personally think you are a retarded fuck who doesn't appreciate great humors.

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DMC is something that is extraordinarily unique for me. I still have not seen any other anime who have the balls to do whatever the hell it wants, from cussing none stop to some very obscene scenes including dry humping the Tokyo Tower and showing babies burn in hell. It talks about rape and bondage in a very candid manners that might offended few people but does the show cares? NO. It gratifies itself by doing what any other anime considered taboo or inappropriate. When I said these two words, I don't mean incest, yaoi and yuri because Japanese animation never really lack any of those. What I was referring to is simply the crass route that it has chosen and god damn it, it freaking works.

Most of the cursing come from a single lady known as the President. I think she's awesome. She said fuck to everything and is very honest with how she feels (sounds familiar?). She dance to DMC with dripping cunt and get wet by just from listening to some of the songs. Her previews for the next episode are one of the things that I look forward to the most. It never stop to amuse me just how many cussing she can come up with. It's some sort of a feat in itself.

The characters of this shows are what makes it brilliant. The interactions between them were executed with perfect timing and wit. Aside from the few good characters like Aikawa and Negishi parents, all the other characters are morally corrupted. I mean, literally. There's no sugarcoating any shit.

And it shouldn't come as a surprised. As you can tell by now, there are lots of shits that are morally and ethically wrong in this show. An old masochist man working as bondage pig on the stage is one of the immoral things that you will see. You will see him wearing nothing but a leather spandex, with hands and feet both tied up. He was also gagged. It can be disturbing especially he really does looks like a fugly pig. You definitely want to unsee what you have just seen. Then there's the incident where Krauser fucking "rape" the policewoman in public and assaulted a cop.

After all, Krauser is a legend who killed his parent after he raped them and yet, he is adores by many.

That's how fucked up Detroit Metal City is. But I have only these to say:


So I guess the reason I am writing this post, apart from participating in the Remember Love in the month of May project, it is also because I want to introduce this greatness to those who haven't seen it yet. WHAT THE FUCK IS FUCKING WRONG WITH YOU FUCKING RETARDS? GO FUCKING WATCH IT NOW? GO MUG PEOPLE IF YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY TO BUY THE DVD!

Back in 2008, I also introduced this greatness to my minions at the office. Whenever new episode was out and ready for viewing, I used the meeting room and we watched it on the big screen using projectors. I managed to corrupt the minds of my minions and established myself as the fucking President. We ended up using all sorts of DMC reference that we have learned in the show in our everyday life and when we talked among ourselves. It even continues with my friends from the Gotei 13. This lasted for quite a while. Fun times indeed.

Like the President used to say: YOU WILL GET SO WET YOU WILL NEED DIAPERS! FUCK!

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DMC is probably the funniest show ever created. It's between that, Gintama, and Nichijou. DMC is probably the winner I love that damn series.

I guess it's time for me to indulge in this Remember Love thing, though the word "love" makes me not want to do this because it just sounds corny.

That being said, I'm finally interested enough to create a post, so maybe I will. What anime should I choose hmmmmm...

DMC is a great show to watch on Mothers Day.

Ah, I forgot about Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan. THAT might be a close number two or a number one in terms of funniest shows ever.

What the hell is wrong with you Glo? I get those sexual joke shit but it isn't THAT funny. Tsk.

Baka-Raptor, DMC is a great show to watch on any special occasions.

Damn! You're right. It would had been awesome. Sadly, mother's day here is over though.

I felt guilty that I found DMC as funny as I did 'cause, well, it's all a bit horrible isn't it?

Father's Day is coming soon right, Kai?

and don't feel guilty about it Ty-chama. It's not horrible. It just used different approach to humor is all :D

Is it bad that I'd rather read the manga version of DMC than the anime version :D

well, I won't say that it's bad but the anime just take the greatness into a whole new level so...

@kluxorious Okay, remind me to watch DMC during father's day.. :D

Will do, if only I know when that is :P

I am not so surprised to see Baka-Raptor in the comments section if it's about DMC. Anyway, I vaguely remember this but I still remember Tetrapod Melon Tea (of all things to remember).

I remember I've watched this show with my eye brows raised almost 100% percent of the time. Not that I didn't appreciate it but, just like what you've said, it's very profane to the max that sometimes I simply think it's rather over the top. And by over the top, I mean on the verge of sounding like pretense seeing as Krauser is borderline split personality patient. But yes, it's funny as hell.

On the contrary, I don't think that this show has any pretense at all. They just do whatever the fuck they want with it and given the nature of the President and Krauser (I think Negishi is bipolar), it is over the top but it fits perfectly with their characters.

But yes, it's funny as hell

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