03 January 2010

First Impression: Ladies versus Butlers

The anime is about a boy who looks like a delinquent and just transferred to a private school that teaches you how to be a maid/butler/servant. Point #1: stupid premises.

This is Hino, the luckiest bastard in the school

On his first day at school, he was mistaken as a delinquent by a girl whose hair looks like a croissant, it fucking pissed me off. The boy, Hino Akiharu, called it the drills.

Love at first sight... eventually *rolleyes*

She is a stuck-up bitch who goes around flaunting her family's name: Flamehart. Apparently Cernia is one of the main girls in the series. She was pissed of because Hino name-calling her hair decided to charge at him. The plan back fired. Instead she got molested and she was excited by it too. I hate her right away. Point #2: stupid heroin is stupid.

She was referring to her boobs >_>

By the way, for whatever fucked up reason, whenever the girls student saw Hino, they fell unconscious. What's up with that? And then he was mistaken as a lolicon pervert. If that is not enough, he almost got raped by a crazy bitch with boobs the size of his head. Point #3: stupid gags are stupid.

I litterally facepalm when I saw this *headdesk*

Yes, we have established that already when you almost cum just with his head in between your butt-cheeks

But wait, there's a silver lining in the cloudy sky! We have Suzuhashi Tomomi a.k.a. Saikyo. A win character in otherwise moronic-fest of boobs. She is the other heroin of this series. A childhood friend of Hino and she is going to make his life a hell. Point #4: Sadistic girl is win!

Saikyo plotting sadistic stuffs XD

They have not introduced the story yet but I am sure that Hino will turn out as a butler for the Flamehart and Cernia would want to get in his pants sooner or later. I think all the girls would, except for Saikyo because she's not a loser like the rest of them. Even if she did fall for him, it just to satisfy her sadistic-self and makes Hino a masochist.

The censorship is uber stupid: smokescreen. Obviously this is an ecchi anime which is probably why this is the first and the last time I'm gonna watch this. Unless someone said something intriguing about it, like Saikyo raping Hino's butt >=D

The anime is cutesy enough I guess. All the boobs looks like they are hanging mangos with tits, jiggling at appropriate times. The characters are okay. They kinda introduced a tsundere, a sadistic, a loli, a nun, the ghotic chic, the clumsy maid and a pervert bitch. I also suspected that Hino's room-mate is actually a girl. Harem WTF is coming soon >_>

You can't molest/rape the willing, bitch!

The predictable storyline is weak. This has potential to hurt my brain so I'm going to put it away.

art 6/10
story 5/10
sound 5/10
character 6/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 6/10


That girl's hair is obnoxious indeed. I wasn't interested in watching this in the first place, and now I am glad at my decision.

Were you the person who talked about Doubt (manga)? I can't really remember, but I read it, and it's a complete mindfuck and is generally awesome.

Yep, Doubt is one of my top 10 mindfuck mangas indeed.

Lol, wow, I don't really read too many reviews ALL the way just because I want to experience it myself without any predefined notions, but this review was priceless. Lol, like hilarious. Wow, was it THAT bad...? Dayam, well Idk, I might just cover it anyways just for the traffic :P

It wasn't THAT bad. For ecchi lovers, they would have a tray full of drool. However since I am not, this just basically pissed me off just like any ecchi anime would.

LOL, this post is hilarious! and yes, sadistic girl is win! I kinda want to try this one out, too, at least a few first episodes maybe.

i gave it a watch after seeing your post, and well... ecchi is for me :P i liked it. wasnt super fantastic, the horrible censorship made me laugh XD

Yeahhh......at the moment I'm writing how this show was similar to the mcdonald's mcgriddle. You'll see why/how soon lol.

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