06 January 2010

Bleach: Episode 252

After one week break for the New Year, Bleach is back with more disappointment action.

Oh they finally decided to show us what has transpired when Senbonzakura first attacked Byakuya (the night he went missing). So Senbonzakura regained his consciousness that night and has played along with Muramasa's plan ever since. Sneaky.

They also showed us the time when Ginrei warned Byakuya about Kouga.

I lol'd so hard when Kouga break his zanpaktou. Man, I really felt sorry for Muramasa for staying gay for Kouga these past hundred years. In his despair, he lets out the menos grande that he keeps inside his body. WTF?

So Ichigo and Rukia offered themselves to kill the menos grande while Byakuya and Senbonzakura (who has converted back to being a zanpaktou) can focus on killing Kouga. I gotta say that fighting sequences between these two were pretty kick ass.

This was a slow-mo. Awesome

And then Kouga proceeded with testing Byakuya's proficiency with kidou. I am not gonna lie. I squealed! Kouga didn't need to chant the incantation though so I missed the name of the hadou he used. The last one was pretty cool. Probably because it is made of ice. And then he used some other shit illusion that kinda made clone of himself. That's how he managed to injured Byakuya.

Apparently illusion is Kouga's true power. OMG first we have Aizen then Shinji and now Kouga too. Very original >_>

I didn't realize how much I missed seeing Byakuya's bankai. The last I remember was when he fought with Ichigo in SS arc. It is still as beautiful and awesome as it was back then.

And holy fuck, I have never seen the second stage of Byakuya's bankai. Is it possible that I forgot about it? I don't think so. So I have my jaw hanging when I saw it. They revealed it in a filler? Just WTF man... Someone please tell me that they have shown it in the past episodes...

Yet they still have not revealed what is the relationship between these two. We know that Byakuya was ordered to kill Kouga because he tainted the family name but is that all? What happened to the child that his wife carried? Huh? Huh? HUH?

p/s: the omake was hilarious XD

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actually byakuya's bankai has all been shown in the SS arc. even the final scene.

yeah, i just spent the last hours watching SS arc and saw the exact same thing. Reuseable screen cap? lol

SWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEETTTT 252 IS OUTTT!!!! Now I can tear apart the episode for a rave review!

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