09 January 2010

First Impression: Durarara!!

With Dance in the Vampire Bund turned out to be such a mega disappointment, I am relying on Durarara!! to at least made the winter 2009 worth something. People keep saying how this is similar to Baccano! and since I like Baccano! I have quite an expectation for this show. We will know whether or not those expectation will be met after half and hour.

Glad to report that I like the OP immediately. Just like Baccano! they kinda introduced their characters in the OP vid. Something that I really like actually since I tend to forgot characters' names. Good sign indeed.

Let me make a brief introduction of the character Mikado Ryugamine. I dunno what his problem is but he is a wuss who really likes to stay at home. He never ventured out to Tokyo until now, when he decided to attend the Raira Academy in East Ikebukuro, with his best friend, Masaomi Kida.

Mikado really has to rely on Masaomi to show him the rope of being the "Ikebukuronese" as he calls it. It is also through Masaomi that Mikado gets to know some of the other characters.

Then there are characters that seemingly has nothing to do with Mikado or Masaomi but I'm pretty sure they are connected one way or the other soon. This is where the most intriguing character in my opinion, appeared. The man in black riding a black motorcycle with no lights on, who apparently doesn't have a head and carries a scythe inside his hollow body. Awesome PAWNSOME.

Yeah he totally did that, dude! BAM!

There also appeared to be an online chatting session going on. Since I am so fucked up when it comes to details, I ain't sure who they are. Maybe I'll get it when I watch it the second time around. I suspect these guys as the informant for the show since they discuss about what's going on out there like people committing mass suicides or the disappearance of teenagers.

That's a pretty cool chatting application ^^"

Like in Baccano! all the characters can be considered as the main characters. They are all significance in this show. I like that a lot. And the character designs somehow reminds me of Yozakura Quartet, especially Mikado.

After all the anime-shit I've seen recently, Durara is like a breath of fresh air. The art is amazing, the story too and the characters are awesome. Did I mention that I love the ED song as well? And on top of that, there is the promise of bloodfest even if it's a little =3

I can't freaking wait to meet the other characters!

art 9/10
story 9/10
sound 9/10
characters 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9/10


woah high marks, this wasnt on my list but now ill have to give it a try. with the majority of the animes out being dissapointments, im taking this time to catch up on old series ive missed out on lol

Durarara!! should definitely be on your list. It was on mine hence why I look forward to watch it.

And same here. After I am done checking out all the anime of the season, I would definitely catch up on the old series especially those with only 3-4 episodes to complete.

durara = love... i like ^^


Which mean Izaya will win every time. I'm ok with that

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