10 November 2009

Anime: Winter 2009/10

Chartfag has once again made the chart for winter anime 2009.

Looks like a better set of anime as opposed to the Fall season, right?

From the poster, it seems like most of the series will kicked some real ass in term of animation. I look forward to watch Dance in the Vampire Bund simply because of the carnage that it promised.

And OMG are we going have to see another version of K-ON!, now wearing military uniforms?! It certainly looked so from the synopsis of so.ra.no.wo.to. I mean making music in the time of war? And Kumika in the poster looks like Yui's twin sister. I already know that Snark and Glo the Legend with have problem with this one. If they don't, I'm gonna shove a kitty up their asses. On the other hand, blur will become a tard of the series ^__^

Oh goodie, we have a season finale for Nodame Cantabile. I seriously need to finish watching the first season -__-

Like Glo said, Japan is weird. Just read the synopsis of Hanamaru Kindergarden. I mean, where can you find 5 year old kids compete for their classroom teacher and I bet that they will claimed that they are in love. WTF... no wonder there are pedophiles everywhere.

Durara looks sweet! I like Boccano despite that I haven't finished it yet (in case you haven't noticed, I'm a true champion when it comes to procrastination. Like, I should be doing my story now but instead I'm writing this entry). I know that this series will be going on my 'must catch up every week' list.

Katanagatari really got my attention because of it's non-typical style of animation. I love series that does that, like Mononoke and Trapeze. Not to mention that it has katana in the title which promised fighting and actions.

Oh yeah, Seikon no Qwaser... I used to read the manga. I know for sure that censorship will ruin this anime. This makes me want to pick up the manga again. I've been putting it on hold for the last few months for no apparent reason. Oh wait, I know why! Because it's an ecchi and the female protagonist pissed me off.

I have always wanted to read Hidamari Sketch but doesn't have the opportunity to do so. Now that they have made the adaptation, it save me a whole lot of trouble :)

Hidden God looks quite interesting too. The rest that I don't mention, I have no interest in watching them. I will still check out the first episode though just to confirm how right I am.


The vampire one and Hidden God interests me. But I tend to be horrible at picking out the good anime.

Anyway, Hanamaru Kindergarten... only in Japan...

Yeah I'm looking forward to Vampire Bund. The trailer was just sick. Sick and Nasty.

I just saw the trailer for Vampire Bund. It was grossly-awesome! *thumbs up*

It has to be my most anticipated anime of winter 09/10 now

Vampire Bund.....from that picture it looks sick (because of the blood).

I hope it makes vampires cool again, because lately all vampires are depicted as emo fags.

Vampire Bund so far is the most disappointing anime of the season >_>

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