22 January 2011

Fractale: Episode 2

So Nessa apparently is the key to the world and this confirms that Phryne is definitely not from Clain's world. I am still waiting for further explanation though. It seems like Phryne is like a princess or something since all the servants were frantically looking for her.

This is the episode where Nessa is introduced to the public. I must say, she gives me a good first impression. I love how energetic she is and I'm showing interest to her seiyuu, which is not common in my case since I usually don't pay any attention to female seiyuu. Kana Hanazawa is perfect as Nessa.

Speaking of Nessa, she seems to have some sorts of power. Err duh, since she is the key of the world after all. Halfway through the episode, Clain left her to the securities to be taken care of. At this point apparently Clain cannot touch Nessa anymore. She has become some sort of like a doppel to him. Don't worry though. Before the end of the episode he takes Nessa back (or rather she found him) as he realized what the Fractale system truly is. All the prayers and such are just for collecting their data. Clain doesn't want to be alone anymore.

Well, this is a fast pace episode. Oh well...

Remember the freckled girl with her two sidekicks? Her name is Enri. She's back for revenge and thus Clain is once again forced or being dragged into another misadventure. She worked for her brother who I must say not looking too shabby. I kinda like him right away. He only interrogated (if you can call it that) Clain for a few minute before he lets him go. Of course, Enri with her two dumb sidekicks will have him stalked only to catch him again, this time with Nessa.

Let's take this sentence and make it out of context >=D

Also, I stand corrected at this point. Phryne is not a princess but a priestess.

Fractale touches upon very good issue I think. We always thought that we are tied down with so many things as human being: family, home, etc and wish to be freed from such burdensome relation. However, in Fractale system, nobody is tied down. To the people of Fractale, being in a same place with real people means they don't trust each other which is why Clain's parent don't live with him. We can see how lonely they are though even if they don't realized this themselves. I love the contradiction of opinions that this show presents. It kinda similar to what I felt when I was a hikikomori.

just looks at that. Gorgeous!

Once again Fractale blew me away with the beautiful background and fine details in the animation. Thank you A-1 Pictures. Thank you.


Something must have made the people move into motor homes... they mentioned about stuff falling from the sky, and I wonder if that's the real reason.

Nessa was so, so hyper and child-like. She made me smile.

They thought a real home would tied them down and they'll lost their freedom. I think that's why they opted motor homes. It is mobile. But then again, it is still theirs so the sense of belonging is still there.

She made me smile too Arianna, which is a surprised since I usually dislike characters like her. Maybe I'm beginning to be more acceptance of such characters or Nessa is just too good to be hated ^^"

useally i don't notice voice acttreses or actors that much but hers was spot on.

She makes moe acceptable for me. That was quite a feat

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