20 January 2011

First Impression: Kore wa Zombie desu ka

As I have said in my preview, I wasn't really looking forward to watch this because of the magic theme until my friend told me that it is full of random goodness. That reminds me of Gintama so it kinda gets my attention. This is why I am a tad behind with the first impression post.

My friend wasn't lying. I lol'd when Aikawa Ayumu, seemingly a serious protagonist, suddenly jumped in front of a moving lorry and declared that he's a zombie. And so the randomness begin.

Lets meet the characters. We already know what Aikawa is. His housemate is Eucliwood Heelscythe, she is the necromancer that brought him back from the dead. Then he met with the magical girl Haruna. I usually loath a character like her but she brought something different to the table. With her saw and unexpected comment, I find her surprisingly tolerable, and sometimes funny. Her job is fighting Mugelo whatever the fuck that is. Unfortunately her power has been drained and transferred to Aikawa so his days of cross-dressing begin.

that's the cutest penis in pantsu I have ever seen :3
(c) mochiko

Despite the randomness, this show actually has a plot. Aikawa was murdered and he became a zombie because he wants to find his murderer. You can also see from the OP that there would probably be some fighting/action in the show. I was expecting the fight to have similar quality to the one in the OP but I was hoping too much. It was meh because the focus is obviously on the comedy.

The OP and ED were boring and the seiyuus are kinda average. I do not know any of them but then again I don't usually pay attention to female seiyuu. The arts and animations for this show have it moments but majority of the episode feels blah. As for the character designs, the team did a fine job. Each characters designs shows their personality as a person.

This show is not for those who takes their anime seriously. I on the other hand appreciate this kind of comedy. I don't see too much cliche (perhaps none) in thisone and that's good. It was unexpected and that's why I enjoyed it. After the disastrous Starry Sky and Dragon Crisis, Studio DEEN has finally managed to do something right this season.

Arts & Animation 6/10
Story 6/10
Characters 6/10
Sound 5/10
Enjoyment 7/10
Overall 6/10


One of the best anime this season. It kind of reminds me of Baka to Test.

I won't say the best but the comedy is definitely top notch. However I can't make the connection between Baka to Test and this one though. Maybe if we get more nose bleed?

Baka to Test is better, but I feel like the comedy is similar. I don't know it's kind of a gut feeling of sorts.

The only shows I'm watching are Dragon Crisis, Rainbow Gate, and this one, so for me it's the best of those three. Strangly enough, Rainbow Gate might be 2nd....that last episode of Dragon Crisis was pretty bad.

why did you subject yourself to torture and drag me along with you?

I'm honest to God in love with this series right now. The second episode did fall a little flat comedy-wise in comparison to the first, but it had other merits to go on, so I was pretty accepting of that.

I didn't expect it to be funny. I guess that's why I ended up liking it so much. I like to be surprised.

Omg, これはTRAPですか? = わいぃぃぃぃ!!
Such a great show <3 Josou protagonist + kawaii girls = Fkn awesome ... plus NicoNico works on this and we all know what other type of work NicoNico does hehehe (loli/shota doujinshi's for those that don't know)

I don't know who NicoNico is and I don't want to know >>

But yes, this one is entertaining. Now I need to catch up!

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