18 January 2011

First Impression: Fractale

After all the crappy shit I've watched this season, I was really looking forward to Fractale because of two reasons. Reason number is because this show is produced by A-1 Pictures. In case you are dumb, A-1 Pictures is my favorite studio production when it comes to anime. The second reason is because this show is featured in noitaminA slot that only aired quality anime.

As to what the story is about, I have no clue whatsoever so I was taken aback when I saw aliens (I learned afterward that they are called doppel. Must be a derivation from doppelganger) talking to Clain. I thought that that was his imagination. I was surprised, pleasantly so. It's different and unexpected. That is definitely something that makes me intrigued. Different is good when it's done right.

Apparently Fractale is a man-made system of the 22nd century where there's no war. People don't need to work as they received equal and basic income. This to make them content and live comfortably. Clain is pretty much one of the content people of Fractale until he met Phryne. She came and was gone from Clain's life in an instant but left quite an impact on him which is why Clain decided to set out looking for her. His only clue is the charm she left behind that turned out to be Nessa.

The story is definitely unique, just like the characters. Well, Clain is pretty plain but the other characters make up for what he's lacking. Phryne is adventurous, Nessa is undetermined while the freckled face girl with her two sidekicks provide unsuspected comedy. The characters in Fractale do not lack in personalities.

Somehow Fractale reminds me of Ghibli's movies. I got mixed vibes of Howl's Moving Castle, Nausicaa the Valley of the Wind and Laputa. I felt strongly about it when Phryne debuted in that flying gears of hers.

Yutaka Yamamoto has done a good job directing this one. I might be biased since he directed Kannagi and certain episodes of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star among many others but yes, he sure has quality. I love the camera angle on certain scenes (like when Phryne was riding the flying gears and looking down at Clain) and the overall fluid feel of the animation. Credits to the production team as well. Some scenes looks like it comes from a painting. In terms of character designs, it's definitely has that feeling of not from this world. It sort of like we are watching something from an alternate world. It has that oldskool charisma about it which was why I compared it with the Ghibli's movies. Having said that, I do think that it looks different from the manga. It doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing though because in this case, I actually they looks better animated.

ain't that pretty?

I love the psychedelic feel of the OP. Not sure about the OP itself though but given time I'm sure it will grow on me. It's different with the ED though because I like it right away. It gives this medieval vibe that got me hooked. The BGM is nice as well. It certainly plays it roles to set up the mood. Excellent. As for the seiyuu, I'm not sure why they picked Yuu Kobayashi to voice Clain because sometimes it made me forget that Clain is a boy. Maybe they wanted that adolescence effect on him. If that's true, then it kinda make sense. Minami Tsuda was good as Phryne but it wasn't an outstanding performance. Not yet anyway.

So needless to say, I enjoyed this show fucking lots. A-1 Pictures did it again :3

Arts & Animation 9/10
Story 9/10
Characters 8/10
Sound 8/10
Enjoyment 10/10
Overall 9/10


Jeebus you are such a biased fucker XD

Something that pleases Klux for the season. Awesome. I did enjoy the first episode. Based on another blog post and my own thoughts, I'm thinking a lot of people were getting the Ghibli feel.

Glo, my biased for this one is not totally unfounded XD

And I haven't read anyone else's thought on this one (I should start my blog walking again. Haven't done that in a week). I am intrigued to find out what other people think about the Ghibli effects.

Yeah A-1 is good I'll give you that. I may watch this when it ends.

i like this style of anime it's hard to explain but i first noticed it with eureka 7 it just has that feel to it.

You're watching it then, Mitch?

yes based off the name mainly i am somewhat of a geek, and the name just makes me wonder what this has in for the season. i am really digging the art style here. it just shows dedication impo. although i don't know much about the back story but here is a link about the "outrage" from the differences from the manga from the anime if that matters to ya, http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2011/01/17/what-the-hell-happened-to-fractale/ ... yes i am a perv.

LOL yeah, the rage. I noticed the differences and was wondering about it. I'm not going to throw off a tantrum though. It was different, so what? That doesn't take anything from this good show. People need to chillax more, I think.

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