01 September 2009

Reintroducing the Bleach's figures

Since I have obtained Canon 50D, I thought of re-introducing my figures so that they have better pictures. I thought I try to make a figuramo out of it. Here goes nothing...

Grimmjow: Yo, Aizen. Wanna go fuck up Soul Society?

Grimmjow: Whoa WTF?! When did you learn that jutsu, woman?
Rukia: *blush as she looks at his torso*
Grimmjow: Heh, like what you see, woman?

Ichigo: Not so fast! Come 'ere, Rukia.
Grimmjow: Tsk!

Ichigo: You perverted fucker!
Grimmjow: Hahahaha but she's so cute!
Ichigo: Shut up!
Rukia: *blushes*

Renji: *pants as he arrive at the scene*
Ichigo: What are you doing behind the tree, Renji? Taking a pee?

Ichigo: Now what the hell are you doing taking cover behind me and Rukia? Get her outta here!
Renji: Fuck you Ichigo. I'm trying to act cool here. Look at my hair
Grimmjow: Hahahahaha what a retard!
Rukia: *facepalm*

Renji: Take cover, Rukia!
Rukia: Oh shut the fuck up, Renji
Renji: *cries silently*

Grimmjow: Now that your woman is out of the way, lets finish this!

Ichigo: Alright.
Grimmjow: Ack! What the - @(*&#$*!! *dies*

Rukia: Watch out Ichigo!
Aizen: *smiles*
Gin: *grins*

Ichigo: Rukia, where is Renji? He is supposed to protect you!
Rukia: That bastard ran away at the sight of these two
Ichigo: Grrr... remind me to kill him later
Rukia: Roger that

Gin: Oya.. oya... what do we have 'ere?
Aizen: You have killed one of the most popular character in the series.
Ichigo: Like I fucking care.
Aizen: Have it your way then. Take care of these two, Ichimaru

Gin: Oh my, look at how much ya have grown, Rukia-chan? Such pretty face. Such pretty figures *licks lip*
Rukia: *shivers*
Ichigo: Get behind the tree, Rukia...
Rukia: *rolleyes* I can take care of myself, Ichigo
Ichigo: *facepalm* Just go, won't you, please?
Rukia: Hmph!!

Ichigo: Bankai!!
Gin: Oh shit... Aizen-sama!!

Aizen: Stand back Ichimaru. I'll handle this.

Hollow Ichigo: More like hand me your ass, Aizen.
Aizen: Oh fuck! I'm out of here!
Gin: *cackles as he too backs away*
Rukia: *gasps*

Rukia: Ichigo!

Hollow Ichigo: Oh crap, she saw me

With a flash of blinding light, Ichigo is back to normal and quickly reassured Rukia that everything is okay. They can make babies straight away.

meanwhile in Ichigo's unconscious mind, Hollow Ichigo beheaded a croc, thinking that it was Dondo's pet.

So that was my first attempt. I know it phailed but meh, the purpose of reintroducing the figures is achieved and that's that. The only figure that I didn't reintroduce is Megahouse Kurosaki Ichigo because he's too freaking big and won't fit with everyone else.

ps: I have update some of the pictures for Hollow Ichigo as well.


Very nice and comical story! ^^
And I like the caption for the last photo...'Croc'~ lol

Heh. Very funny use of the figurines. You should use Comic Life next time! ^_^


Comic Life! Of course! LOL thanks bro XD

Lol.. Very entertaining! Definitely NOT a failed attempt!

Why wasn't I surprised Hollow Ichigo would kick arse.. :p

You know... this would have been a great guest post! LOL I love it!

"They can make babies straight away..." Lmao! Looking forward to the next installment! ^_^

You can use it if you want CAG :)

Really?! It's okay? Great! Thanks! ^_^ Like I stated, nothing get change (other than formatting).

You're the best. Yay! XD

It is done! ^_^


Again, thanks for giving me permission! Yay!

My pleasure CAG. I can give you my banner for the button if you want though.

Yea, give it to me and I'll post it! Plus I'll replace it with the one I made on my sites. ^.^

BAHAHAH! This is hilarious! xDD (Y)

lmao, amazing xD

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