20 January 2011

First Impression: Hourou Musuko

I got the impression that Wandering Son pleases a lot of people. My initial thoughts were off the mark if what they saidy is true. I am stoke to see what AIC did to make this show exciting with that kind of story line.

(c) KL

The episode didn't grab my attention until they introduced themselves to the class. It was interesting I think because I learned a lot from that brief introduction. I take back what I said earlier about this show. The characters are definitely intriguing with their own layers of secret to keep us glued to our seat. I was still clueless even half way through the episode. I can't decide whether Suichi is a boy dressed as a girl or a girl dressed as a boy.

This show presents more than just entertainment. It got me thinking of the social ways of this generation. Cross-dressing seems common. I mean, no one was actually bothered when Chizuru came wearing a boy uniform and Takatsuki even wants to wear one herself. Then Shuichi went out after school wearing a girl's uniform. I'm just too confused. And if I'm not mistaken, the lady who brought Takatsuki the boy uniform is actually a man. You see what I mean? Traps every where. Through this show I see that the world is more acceptance towards women who cross-dressing as men but when it is the other way around, people started to call them names. This happens in my community and around the world. Why are we so biased? Aren't we are all the same? I can understand why Shuichi is awkward, shy and a pansy. He's under a lot of distressed because he can't actually be himself without getting judged. This kinda made me appreciate shows like Kuragehime and applauded Kuranosuke for being true to himself.


The end of the episode made me smile. Suichi having a wet dream is priceless. Despite wanting to be a girl, this reminds him that he's still a boy. A very healthy boy at that :3

Hourou Musuko gotta be the best animated show of the season. Everything is in motions: the trees, people, cars, etc. I can see the effort that was put into making this show and I appreciate that. I want to convey my highest gratitude to the team for making me enjoy this show so much because of the little details. Even though initially it was kinda hard to differentiate one character from the other except from physical thing like the hair color or megane, I have grown accustomed to it be the end of the episode.

I am a fan of the J-Rock OP. I am kinda grateful about the choice of song actually. We've had enough dance/moe OP to last till Armageddon. Same goes for the ED. I feel like it has been a while since I am served with something this consistent. This show reminds me the feeling of watching earlier shows in the 90's. Quality shit this is. I love it. I might not know any of the seiyuu but kudos to them for doing a good job. I see the personality of each characters shine through because of their voices.

This is awesome. I feel strangely fulfilled.

Arts & Animations 10/10
Story 8/10
Characters 8/10
Sound 9/10
Enjoyment 10/10
Overall 9/10


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