17 January 2011

First Impression: Dragon Crisis

I am not a fan of Rie Kugumiya so after I saw people’s reactions for this show through twitter and such, I kinda have a reservation about watching it now. However, it would be foolish to form my opinion based on what others have seen. I need to see it for myself thus here I am watching Dragon Crisis despite that I’m bored with the fact that it’s the same kinda shit that I’ve seen so far for Winter 2010/11.

I already know that I am probably end up not liking this show because of the stereotype character that Rie Kugumiya played. Unsurprisingly, I was right. Then there was Etou who secretly loves Ryuji. Ryuji himself is an average student who miraculously has all these hot girls wanting to get into his pantsu, including the jiggling boobs of his cousin, Eriko. Yada yada yada the same old shit.

If this doesn't annoy you, something is wrong

Eriko created a Seven Tail whatever fucked up organization and forced Ryuji to be her assistant. It’s about getting Lost Precious shit or something. They stole a bag from the bad guy and accidentally opened it. Lo and behold, a girl with golden lock came out. She seems to know Ryuji and possessed massive power. She’s going to rape Ryuji silly, just you wait and see.

At first, when Ryuji was in the train, I thought the animation was pretty decent but towards the end of the episode, nothing really stands out. The fanservice doesn’t make it any better either. By the way, all male students look kind of the same, don’t they? Even Ryuji, our protagonist does not stand out. I dunno whether it is a good thing or not. I found it rather infuriating when an average guy like him can get whichever girl he chooses. That is so unreal. I am not a fan of the female characters designs either. Big boobs just don’t work for me and Rose was just too aggravating for me to pay any attention to. As for Etou, she’s forgettable.

My complains don’t stop there. I knew right away that the seiyuu for Ryuji is Hiro Shimono. As usual, the role fits which kinda make it worse I think because so far I found all the characters annoying, even more so when it comes to the dragon girl voiced by Rie Kugumiya. She reminds me of Inoue when she was on Kurosaki-kun chant mode. Fuck, that made me rage. The OP and ED made me yawn, literally. At least the ED doesn’t seem to be too forgettable though.

I can’t say that I enjoy this show. I don’t hate it but I can’t wait for the episode to be over with. It just annoys the fuck out of me. I don’t think I’ll be watching the rest of the episodes. This one ends here unless someone can change my mind by presenting some great facts about why I should continue watching Dragon Crisis. I doubt they can.

Story 5/10
Arts & Animation 6/10
Sound 6/10
Characters 5/10
Enjoyment 5/10
Overall 5.5/10


"I am not a fan of Rie Kugumiya"

That's where I stopped reading.

*chuckles* I know you got something to say about that but how can you not find her annoying in this one? I want to fucking gag her.

RYUJI RYUJI RYUJI RYUJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Funny how you said all the male students look the same because when they showed Ryuji talking with his friend I at first thought he was talking with himself or had a twin brother.

I don't really think that his cousin is into him like that. It's mainly just between Rose and Silent Shy Girl, who will IMMEDIATELY BACK THE FUCK DOWN.

There's a lot of good about this show. I thought the soundtrack included a very wide variety of music (hip hop, trumpets, there's all sorts of shit in there it never gets boring). I also thought that the animation wasn't bad, and there really wasn't that much fanservice. when I think of a fanservice anime, I think of close ups of bouncing boobs and close ups of some girl's underwear. None of that was really in this, except when they showed the cousin in the towel, which was kind of part of the comic relief (in regards to the scene as a whole). This anime is GOOD.

Jeebus you are such a biased fucker XD

For me the episode was an episode of bland. I'm pretty sure there were parts that were supposed to be exciting, but they just WEREN'T.

And I'm going to keep a tally of how many times Rose says Ryuji. I have a feeling it'll be like hearing fuck in the Die Hard series.

I kept a tally of how many times Inoue chanted the "kurosaki-kun" shit. She said it 30 times in the anime. It was fucking annoying.

This show is dull.

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