27 October 2010

Bleach Trading Figures Series 2

I got my hands on these figures not long after I acquired Kira and the figures from series 6. I am just too lazy and quite frankly too busy to review on them sooner. Minus these figures, I still have 8 boxes of figures that I have been neglected and unopened including figma Tainaka Ritsu which arrived earlier this month together with Lucky.Star puchi dressing up as characters from Street Fighters.

Series 2 consists of 4 characters from Bleach: Kurosaki Ichigo, Kuchiki Byakuya, Inoue Orihime and Urahara Kisuke. Three of these characters are my absolute favorite. I believe you know which one I'm talking about.

Lets talk about Ichigo's bankai figure first. Despite that he sometimes gets overshadowed by my other favorite characters like Grimmjow and Ulquiorra, I still have a soft spot for him. He and Rukia are the essence of Bleach. I cannot enjoy Bleach without these two characters around, preferably together ^_^

If you look closely, he has a plaster on his right cheek.

Doesn't he looks dashing in his ragged shikakusho and bandaged abs? I want to see if any of the manufacturer will adopt his hollowfication form, badass with slightly longer hair form and last but not least, his Mugetsu form. That will be just so fucking sick man. Him with longer black hair? Fap worthy.

As for this figure in particular, it comes with two different heads: his normal face and his Vaizard mask face. Since I took these pictures so many moons ago, I completely forgot to change his head to the Vaizard mode and is now too lazy to take another picture of him with the Vaizard mask. I'm sorry.

I love looking at the back of this figure. I got the impression that he's strong and pretty much a bad ass but still there is warmth emanating from him that kinda sooth you and convinced you that he will protect you. It must have to do with the black ragged shikakusho, his broad shoulders and his pose. We have seen him taking this exactly same pose numerous times in manga and anime, no?

Let's move on to the other figure. I have repeated a few times of the fact that I'm RPing Byakuya in a group in facebook and have been doing so since 2005. Before I RP him, I am indifferent about him. I'm not exactly please with how he is willing to sacrifice Rukia for the sake of upholding the stupid rules of Soul Society but he doesn't annoy me either. It is only after I started with the RP that I appreciate his aloofness, cold and stuck up attitude because it just makes RPing him so much fun.

Byakuya and his scarf are inseperable. Even when he lose his captain's haori, he still has the scarf around his neck. Wonder if he takes it off during the summer... Does Soul Society has different season?

Contrary to Ichigo, I like seeing Byakuya from up front. He has that commanding attitude even when sculptured into a 7 inches figure. Besides, I love his pose. It's like he's ready to go bankai on me, just waiting for me to screw up. LOL

Enough about Byakuya, now to Urahara Kisuke, quite possibly the most genius shinigami ever live. SPOILER ALERT: After all he did defeat Aizen, supposedly the most genius shinigami around.

Somehow I always forgot that Urahara has been around ever since the earlier chapters of Bleach. He's not exactly forgettable but I just got confused with the time line sometimes.

This figure is of him as the 12th Division Captain. We only found out about this piece of information during the Turn Back the Pendulum Arc. This is when he truly changed my mind about his character. For the first time, I see how bad ass he really is despite his nonchalant attitude. So I learn to take him seriously.

You have to admit that he looks so much better in a captain's haori instead of the shopkeeper outfit he wears. You can argue that you missed his signature straw hat and clog and I'll accept it because he does owns that look, however you will not incline to take him seriously in that outfit.

I love how loosely he wears his captain haori too. It fits his personality perfectly. In fact, all the captains have their own style of wearing the captains haori, no? It kinda represents their personality, except for the old fuck and Ukitake, and maybe Toushiro.

If I have a choice, I would have trade in Whorehime with either Hisagi, Toushiro or Matsumoto. She's a waste of space. The figure of her in the series is from the Soul Society arc. I will not bother to explain more about it except maybe that her face looks mighty retarded. Reminded me of the baby turtle in Finding Nemo except that she is not cute at all. No, really. Enlarge the picture for proof.

Aight that's all for Series 2. Thinking back, Bleach is the reason why I got so into figures collecting, just like it is also the reason how I become such an animetard and a manga reader. My first ever figures are of Rukia and Ichigo. I have come a long way since then. Now I have almost a complete collection of the series, as well as three different figures from three different manufaturers: Kurosaki Ichigo from Megahouse, Limited Edition White Hollow Ichigo from Toynami and the latest, Hiyori Sarugaki from Alpha Omega.

This is some of the moment that I feel so proud of myself ^_^

For my other figures, click here.


klux...are those original ones? The skin look kinda glossy...do you have a close up photo of them?

I have the same Urahara and see if it is the same as yours. Mine I got it in an official packaging from a toy store.

Oh yeah, I bought Ichigo but the other three are gifts from my friend. Damn he'll be so pissed because I didn't mention that in the post. *Edit now*

And I doubt its the original. At least I don't think Whorehime is. Just look at the face and I can already tell it is as fake as her boobs. Hmm, maybe he doesn't want his name mentioned since it's a fake and all. LOL *edit again*

I have placed an order to complete Series 2, 4 and 6 but unfortunately my suppliers are still having a hard time getting it for me.

btw, the eyes on YOUR Urahara are disturbing.

Bleach kicks ass in the figure line.Love how they get the capes to flow in such a small figure.

Need to see if I can get any figure series myself now. Need to up my Gurren Lagann colletion

Yes, they kick ass. If only they make more of it though. The range of figures are quite limited. As far as I know, only BenPresto, MegaHouse, Square Enix and Alpha Omega produced figures for Bleach. That obviously is not enough for me.

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