01 August 2010

Alpha Omega Hiyori Sarugaki

I first heard about her in February. I thought that she will always be in my wish list because at that time I don't think I can afford her nor do the online stores that I get my figures from have her. However last month I tried my luck with one of the sellers at lowyat. Lo and behold, here she is now with me!

She cost me a fortune though. I can get a new double walled fixed gear bike with her price tag but every cents that I spent for her is worth it. This 1/8 scale figure (the only figure of her I can find so far) is made by Alpha Omega. This is the first time I purchased anything from Alpha Omega and I have to say that I am very impressed with the sculptured details on Hiyori. It was the reason that I want her so badly and I am so glad that they did not disappoint. Kudos to Tonji Tanaka.

Now I know the reason why people are crazy about PVC figures. The details and the hard work that are put into making these figures are unbelievable. No wonder it cost me an arm and a leg. Don't believe me? Enlarge the pictures and see it for yourself.

I love her casual pose. The thumbs down and her expression, it was very "Hiyori". She and Shinji are the only Vaizard that I have a b0nar for. I hope she is not dead yet. I hope Hachi and Unohana can somehow save her after Gin raped her. I still want to see more of her in Bleach.

I personally think that she has the best looking Vaizard mask, or at least second to Ichigo's. Whether or not it match her personality is a different matter. Although I think with Hiyori's expression for this figure, it was a perfect match.

Who said that Hiyori has non-existence boobs? She has a decent size of boobs. I think those are my favorite parts of this figure. They are practically my boobs!


Hiyori might be small but she won't allow anyone to bully her. She stands up for herself and that is probably I like her in the first place. Not to mention that she makes a cute couple with Toushiro. Heh, me and my crack pairing. Anyway, I don't think she and Rukia ever met in the manga/anime yet. If they do meet, I think she and Rukia will get along just fine.

My fav shot of her

Gah! Words cannot express how excited I am about her. The last time I got this excited when I got new figure was with Konata Izumi even though she was unintentional. I have so much fun taking pictures of her. I guess this is one of the perks of having a PVC figure.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures. Don't forget to check out the details on her zanpaktou as well as her sexy ass.

This just makes me more determined to get Hideyoshi ^_^


Cleavage? Meh...but if you're comparing yourself to a 10-year old girl, then you've got some body-esteem issues don'tcha?
Indeed, the beauty is in the details for this figure. Freckles! All the folds in the clothes, the very skin tone looks like it was pulled straight out of anime-as-real-life.
Happy for you for a new awesome Bleach fig to add to the existing ones.

dude, non-existence boobs don't have a fucking cleavage.

#1 they exaggerated the cleavage to try to appeal to pedophiles and increase the figure sales

#2 there are shots in the anime/manga and canon pictures that prove just how flat she is

#3 I am a 150 pound man and the size of my pectorals gives me a bust as big as hiyori

#4 lol @ comparing yourself to a 12 year old body

#5 learn what the definition of rape is

#6 she will never be paired with anyone

also #7 its pretty sad you are trying to call a 12 year olds ass "Sexy" you should be a registered sex offender

*chuckles* did someone finally takes my post seriously?

Well, if you mush them together, you're bound to get some kind of furrow? ^^"

Haha, this is a really awesome figure. So much attitude. And her ass is indeed sexy. ^ ^

Shut up Chester. Someone like them just fine ^w^

Not sure of the pose that much, but love the mask. I am sure however that my wife would like her as she would love that ass kicking attitude!

You should get this for her then! And it would be a pleasure to have her for yourself as well. Two birds with one stone *wink*

I will never stop making fun of you for loving this pettan's cleavage. ^0^

See? I told ya she has one and honestly that was all I noticed during the "fight": her cleavage ^_^"

Hi. Hopefully you wont mind, but I used one of your pictures as a primer picture for this week's #figurefriday challenge: http://goo.gl/zjrIN


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