27 October 2011

Mirai Nikki: Episode 2

Yuno Gasai continues to harrass Yuki. Poor kid is freaked out by the whole thing. Not only he has to recover from the sudden "survival game" but he has to deal with a stalker too. Heh, this is a great start for a beautiful relationship indeed.

It just occurred to Yuuki that he has became a murderer since he sorta killed his homeroom teacher (that's the identity of the Third). Since he is desperate, knowing that the others are all interested to take down the First (read: him), he has no choice but consult with Yuno.

Before he manages to do so, a purple haired chick comes by to question him about his homeroom teacher. Because Yuno's Future Diary consist of things that happened to Yuki, naturally she knows about it too. It's not hard to tell that the mysterious chick is a Future Diary holder as well since she pretty much tells Yuuki what only Future Diary would know. This means that she's there to kill First and she wastes no time. By the way, she is the Ninth.

She fucking planted bombs in the school, killing hundreds of kids just so Yuki will be killed too. Jeebus I feel for Yuki. All the chicks who appeared in his life so far are retarded and a fucking psycho. Having said that, if it isn't for Yuno, Yuki would have been blasted to smithereens.

This makes Yuki realized that he has to depend and rely on Yuno to protect him since she has no qualm to murder people for his sake. To see them kissing in that hallway where their classmates are all dead kinda turns me on lol

so wrong and yet so enticing

Having spend time with Yuno running around has also makes Yuki realizes that he is just a bystander in his Future Diary since he never wrote anything about himself but rather things that are happened around him. Lucky for him that Yuno becomes her stalker otherwise he would be so under the rubble by now.

do something about it then!

That's how we know what kind of entries are in Yuno and Yuki's diary. I think once they figured out what kind of entry does the Ninth has, they would be able to survive this little shindigs. Even Yuno thinks something is amiss. Ninth could have killed Yuki in a blink but why does she set it as 14:04? So that she can kill everyone at the same time!

And she is right (she is always right). Turns out Minene makes Yuki fellow student to turn on him. Bad moves people. You messed with Yuki, you messed with Yuno and that's punishable by death!


One of the police officer, Kurusu, who arrived at the school perimeter is also a holder of Future Diary and since he knew that Minene will fucking blow the roof of that school, he calls off the SWAT. He's the Fourth and not for a second did I believe him when he said he will protect Yuki as well. His diary is the Investigation Diary that prophecies crime. Apparently Minene is after him (she's a terrorist) and is using Yuki as bait.

He would have kill Yuki if Yuno doesn't appeared. Does he thinks he redeemed himself by putting some words of encouragement for Yuki to kill Ninth himself. Pfftt... But then again, Yuki is weak and useless. He ate up that words without second thoughts >_>

Too bad Minene's diary is the Escape Diary though which allows her to fled the school on a fucking motorbike that sorta poof to existence out of nowhere. Did I mention that she got her left eye blinded by Yuki's dart?

no duh!

From here onwards, Yuki and Yuno will work together with Kurusu to stop this stupid survival game. I don't like where this is going because I don't trust Kurusu at all. Good news is Yuki and Yuno are officially together! Huzzah!

For my rant on previous episodes, click here.

p/s: Murmur is good at giving out behind the scenes information regarding this show so don't ever missed it~


I swear he's such a wimpy dude sometimes. Finally strapped on Yuki's pair and did something about it in the end.

Did you see how he was taking advantage of her dedication as a (great)stalker and had her serving him left and right in the next episode? He's a little pimp.

I realize I posted this in the wrong episode but I can't edit my last comment and too lazy to delete and rewrite...

no worries, I've caught up with the latest episode to know what you were talking about. Yuki is not only wimpy but he's one selfish son of a bitch as well. He holds on to Yuno whenever it is convenient for him. What an asshole, huh?

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