28 October 2010

Bleach: Chapter 424

who the fuck is that at the back?

So Bleach is back after two weeks of hiatus. I couldn't be any happier. It does kinda feel empty without the chapters to look forward to every week. So welcome back Bleach, despite all your flaws.

It is just appropriate that the chapter started out by reintroducing him again but with a twist to it, that he can no longer see ghost. But wait a fucking minute. He is still 17 years old? *facepalm*

So everything that has been happening for the last 9 years or so are in actuality happened in less than a year for Ichigo? Fuck, that doesn't make sense. Even if it does, it kinda disturbing. No human being should go through that much hardship in a year, especially not a teenager.

Ah it is good to see Ichigo is back in his normal everyday clothes. He just looks so good in it. The images at the back, looks like they are new characters, don't they? Or are that Ishida, Inoue, Chad, Tatsuki, Mizuiro and Keigo?

Noriaki "Tite" Kubo doesn't waste any time with the spoilers. These obviously are the new characters that will be in the next arc. It is hard to take them seriously when they are dressed like that, no? And what the hell is Ichigo doing in a shikakusho? Yeah, like I said, spoilers... although not really since we all know he's going to get back his power one way or the other.

But yeah back to the chapters, it is nice to see Ichigo interacting with his family again. I didn't know that Yuzu can pull the "angry-at-your-brother" look. She's all grown up now. Oh wait, this is still in the same year >>.

Who the fucking hell are all these people? O_o

It is disturbing how Isshin went straight to his old annoying personality again. After what has transpired during the last arc, I expect him to mature a bit. Him being silly again is the last thing that I wanted to see.

Aight I stand corrected. 17 months have actually passed since the day he met Rukia. That kinda make sense, even if a tad. The other guys: Tatsuki (whose hair btw, has grown), Mizuiro and Keigo have accepted that Ichigo is weird. It kinda funny how Ichigo said that only Karin can see the ghost now. What happened to Isshin? Did he lost his fucking shinigami powers to? How about the others like Chad, Inoue, Tatsuki and Keigo? Didn't they got their power thanks to Ichigo? What happened now when Ichigo no longer has that power? Can they still use their power? That would be unfair now, wouldn't it?

Either way, I guess this is a good setup to finally see Karin as part of a shinigami.

This chapter mainly focuses on how Ichigo goes back to his normal everyday life routine and the interaction that he has with his family and friends.

who would have thought that I missed this?

Even with all that it is clear that he missed being a shinigami. You can tell by the way he talks about Karin, reminiscing at the soul reaper badge and the side way glance he gives Ishida, who still doing his job as a quincy.

But all of those, to me personally, are secondary, not as important as this fact here:

Oh the denial. I didn't thought you had it in you, Ichigo ♥

Oh and looks like the guy at the cover, the one that Ichigo helped in the end of this chapter, is a representative shinigami as well.

Heh, this ought to be interesting.

Yep, I am definitely glad Bleach is back =D

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Those spoiler character designs look awfully fillerish. I don't like where this is going. Still good to be back though.

It's good to see the series take a change of pace. Loved Ichigo's lariat/inverted-headlock combination for greeting Keigo. Hopefully the story won't go into the gutters this time...

Beginning of a new arc, but will undoubtedly feel fillerish after what we had with Aizen.

... Where's Inoue? Not a single mention. :(

I believe it's supposed to be 17 months after the battle with Aizen.

I'm pretty sure those guys with bankai Ichigo on the colour page, are from the next movie. As for the back of the heads on the first colourpage I'd guess Mizuiro>Keigo>Tatsuki>Orihime>Ishida>new guy>Karin

The characters made sense if what Mr. Anon #2 saying is true. If those are characters from the movie, then it explained how they look so fillerish. So it's all good then, Baka Raptor.

As far as I know this new arc will last for around 6 months or so before we get another that will last for 2 years and a half. That's three more years of Bleach. Needless to say, I'm happy about it. Lets just hope it has a better story board than the last arc.

I'm willing to give this one a chance, Yi. Something fresh is needed to erase the abominable disasters. My gut is telling me that the 2 and a half year arc has something to do with Aizen coming back >=)

Thanks Mr. Anon #1 for pointing that out. My bad. And it just doesn't make sense now does it that he is still fucking 17?


Or is the translator having a hard time translating that?

btw Yi, who's Inoue? LMAO >P

I think Ichigo is 16 when the series starts.

As much as I miss the Soul Society people, I'd love to see what becomes of Tatsuki and Keigo's budding powers. Same with Karin. I'm not really interested in Orihime, Ishida or Ichigo anymore (actually, I'm fucking TIRED of Ichigo right now).

The new guy looks interesting, but, meh, I'm expecting this to turn into the same shit in a different package.

Oh yeah, I just checked my hardcopy manga (which I should have done in the beginning, orz). Turned out he started at 15. Wow, I'm kinda speechless right now. I always had it in my mind that he's 17. 15 year old boy has no business being that hot. Great now I feel like a pedo :P

Who do you like to see the most then, morri?

Me? Grimmjow and Ulquiorra.

You always were a pedo Klux. Aiyaiyai...
And yeah, that's movie spoilers. Capslock_Bleach already showed that page sometime ago with a "trailer" too (just Kubo drawing Ichigo...f him...). I think the movie has something to do with the hell realm touched upon in season 1.
Inoue = Orihime. duh! XD
Evil McSlickback hair (ie new mystery character) gives off Aizen vibes...maybe Aizen is living through him? Bah...
Isshin always just gave off the goofball vibe so that none of his family will get hurt. Standard superhero-keeps-loved-ones-in-the-dark-by-acting-dumb routine. He can probably still see ghosts but doesn't tell anyone.
Yeah, I'm just waiting for Karin to bust out some awesome spirit powers...and really, do you expect Chad and Orihime to help Ishida? Mr. I-don't-need-yo-help-at-anything?
Also, Tatsuki! <3

lol shut up chester XD

And I still can't believe how some people is so hung up with Aizen. That shinigami representative is not Aizen dammit!

for all we know they're all aizen. I mean why would he fail to use even his shikai before going down? he probably did use it adn then faked his own death with it.

I expect Kubo to use that Aizen card when Bleach is about to wrap up. Locking someone so powerful who thinks he's God is just stupid imo. It's not even a life sentence *facepalm*

Aizen is making his plan to conquer both the worlds while the shinigamis are busy dealing with the small fries >_>

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